To put it simply, being Unbound’s social media manager is a REALLY good time. It’s been a whirlwind since I started as an intern back in February 2017 and even though it’s been a year, I learn a million new things about sex and sexuality every day. Nothing makes me happier than gifting a vibrator to a curious friend or when someone I’m close to tells me they bought something from Unbound.

But the best part of my job? Getting to meet and spend time with so many wonderful, badass individuals who champion and work for women’s sexual autonomy in their own creative ways. Thank f*ck for all of you. I feel truly lucky to have stumbled into this place and can’t wait to share it with the WORLD.


1. Oh! To Go

Oh! To Go

This lil' kit is probably the most useful thing I own–other than my Squatty Potty. It comes with packets of Jelly (lube), Clitoral Jolt Gel, OMG-Spot Serum, Booshies (wipes), Party Hats (condoms), and last but CERTAINLY not least, Zip (our powerful bullet vibe). Since Zip comes with its own baggie, I now use the Oh! To Go bag itself to store the makeup that I carry around all day.

Oh! To Go
2. Womanizer Pro40

TBH I'm kinda scared of the Womanizer Pro40, but in a good way. This vibe uses suction technology to provide touchless stimulation of the clitoris. It might not sound that exciting on paper, but lemme tell's different. Suction basically allows you to pinpoint the pressure directly onto the spots that matter most, while avoiding everything else. The Womanizer is definitely a must-try for anyone who has trouble reaching orgasm or who experiences pain easily!


3. Jelly


Jelly is our very first lube! It's silky, but firm and works with most toy materials (because it's water based). Def recommend for any type of sexual activity, whether that means you're alone or with four people. A lot of the time, lube is the answer to physical roadblocks during sex, like pain, dryness, etc. IT'S SO IMPORTANT!!!!  

4. Cleo Double Bangle Handcuffs

Double Bangle Handcuffs

These cuffs are near and dear to my heart. I've had a pair ever since I started at Unbound and they've lasted me a whole year since! I think it's important to point out that these cuffs are not meant for serious impact play, but rather as a statement piece. I've worn them out during the day and to events where people who aren't familiar with the category ask me about them, and we actually end up having nice conversations about SexTech and women's sexual autonomy. Unpacking shit with strangers can be kinda fun! 

5. Massage Ring

Two Finger Massage Ring

 The massage ring is cool-looking, but I love it mostly because it can ACTUALLY be used during a massage. I recommend using it at the base of your neck (like where your spine starts). It comes in gold and silver-plated stainless steel, so it's totally fine to use with massage oils and lubes. Oh, and I've also heard it's a great clit massager? Maybe it's time for you to find out!!!