I am one of many mothers of Unbound. Day-to-day, I spend most of my time in meetings with the team, writing copy, and thinking about what we’re going to do next. I am passionate about female sexual health and wellness because of a cancer diagnosis at 21 that sent me through menopause (due to radiation treatment). No one talked me about how my sexual health and wellness would be affected and it was in that moment I realized how underserved women are when it comes to wanting to understand and enjoy their bodies.

Oh! To Go

I love this on-the-go kit because it has everything you need and it's super compact. I’m a single gal who works around the clock in NYC and without fail when I go out on a date I always forget something–be it a condom, or lube, or something hotter (sorry mom!). I love that Oh! To Go bundles everything together so I don’t have to think, just grab and go.


The smell!!! I am usually a person who hates scented things, especially super girly scents (GIVE ME THE MUSK!). I also love this product because it’s named after amuse-boche which is the french term for 'palate cleanser'. We fancy!

Venus Necklace

This necklace holds a special piece of my heart. In the early days when Unbound was I decided I would teach myself to design via 3D printer. I would stay up late watching YouTube videos on how to transform a doodle on a paper into a .stl file. With a lot of practice, I was able to create a venus symbol, which is what you see on the site today.

Secret Sex Notes

Similarly, this was one of the first products I created when Unbound was in its infancy. I wanted to design something that allowed people to share love with one another in a way that was thoughtful, discreet and fun. Thus, Secret Sex Notes were born. I find that it’s fun to leave a note on the back and slip it into the wallet or pocket of your s.o.


This is my all time favorite vibrator. I love how intuitive the design is. In a world overpowered by screen time, I think the UX of physical touch is revolutionary. The harder you squeeze it, the harder it vibrates. I also love the deep rumble vibration. I think it is, by far, the best vibrator on the market today.