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Interview with Kristen Korvette, Founding Editrix of Slutist

Interview with Kristen Korvette, Founding Editrix of Slutist

Image: Card from the Slutist Tarot by Morgan Claire Sirene.

This week's Unbound Woman of the Week is the badass Kristen Korvette, founding editrix of Slutist. Korvette began Slutist in 2012, in a move to establish a platform where artists, writers, and thinkers could openly discuss feminism in all of its intersections. Slutist's foundation is built on witch feminism, a branch of feminism that champions "the witch as a symbol of female power." 

One of Slutist's focal points is sexism in its many forms: from the overt condemnation of women in modern-day societies to the less-obvious subjugation of the female identity through language (AKA uses of the words "slut" and "witch"). Since its establishment, Slutist has grown into "sex-positive feminist collective" that is, in our humble opinion, revolutionary.

How did Slutist begin?
Slutist started around 2012, when slut-shaming was becoming a frequently covered topic in the media. I wanted to create a site to dig into sexual expression in its many femme forms, and because of my own interests and those of the contributing writers, artists, and activists who joined in. It just became witchier and weirder over time.

What are the biggest challenges you face at Slutist?
Funding! I believe all writers and artists deserve to be paid–and paid well–but that’s difficult to do with the current state of online journalism.

What makes someone “slutty”?
“Slutty” is self-defined in my world. You’re a slut if you say you’re a slut. You can be a poly, kinky adventurous slut or a totally monogamous vanilla slut. If that word vibes with you, then embrace the hell out of it and make it your own.

How is the word “slut” harmful?
“Slut” defines someone by their perceived or actual sexual activity, and under America’s Christian theocracy, women are punished for theirs exponentially more than men. The existence of “slut” as a pejorative just reveals the sexual double standard that’s used to subjugate women in particular as we’re out in the world trying to get ours.

Do you think the archetype of “slut” can be reclaimed for a greater good?
Of course. Individuals and groups can reclaim slut all they like as long as they realize what they’re up against. It’s never easy, but it’s important to make language your own and wield it as you see fit.

How does Slutist’s “Slut of the Month” list work? 
We showcase women and femme-identified folks who employ their sexuality as part of their work, whether they be artists, activists, sex workers, etc.

It’s tongue in cheek, but it’s also serious in the sense that we’re saying, “if all these diverse lovelies are sluts, then no one is a slut.”

Throughout most of U.S. society, women in porn are deemed dirty, offensive, sad, slutty, etc. What are your views on porn? On feminist or female-friendly porn?
First and foremost everyone in the sex industry deserves the rights and protections other working people have to make a living, regardless of what our individual opinions about pornography may be. I personally enjoy both feminist and mainstream pornography, and I don’t assume that women who work in the latter are automatically less empowered than those who work in the former.

That said, it does make me feel better to partake in porn that has been produced with more equity and more varied representations of bodies and sexual expression in mind.  

Why should people care about women’s sexual empowerment?
Bottom line: Consensual sexual expression is a fundamental human right. You can’t have true equality without sexual equality.

What’s your favorite slutty/witchy thing (art, music, film, writing, etc) right now?
Is it way self-serving if I say my upcoming book Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive

It’s a primer that introduces the lineage of witch feminism and highlights sexual liberation from the early modern era through today. It’s been years in the making, so I’m kind of obligated for it to be my fave thing at the moment. But I’m also really into the new King Woman record and could watch The Love Witch almost every day if I could.

Any masturbation or self-love tips?
I love mindful masturbation and turning a regular self-love session into a sex magic ritual for manifestation. It’s still radical for women and queer folks to be the source of our own pleasure, and what better way to up the ante than by engaging in spellwork while you’re at it? Having a crystal pleasure tool (I’m loyal to Chakrubs) is a must for this practice.


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