When it comes to erogenous zones, we often don’t pay enough attention to the nipples. Maybe it’s because breasts are associated with “second base”—in popularly held belief, an activity that we engage in before moving on to the main attraction. The truth is that nipples are part of the main attraction. Hell, they can be the whole damn thing. There’s no reason for nipple play to be a quick pit stop when nipples offer such a wide range of sensations.

A 2011 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that stimulating a woman’s nipples lit up the genital sensory cortex of her brain—in other words, the same part of her brain that is affected by genital stimulation. Your brain can’t always tell the difference between nipple stimulation and, say, stimulating your clitoris or labia. That’s why it’s so damn fun. So it’s time to invite more nipple play into your sex life. If you experiment, you may discover that it’s a great way to enhance your orgasms—making them longer and stronger. You may even find that nipple play is all you need to get there. Yes, really.

Know Your Body and Beware of Sensitivities

Now one of the amazing aspects of nipple play is the acute sensitivity that your nipples can have—but that’s also why you can’t rush things. Not only does your nipple sensitivity vary depending on where you are in your cycle (sometimes to the point where it’s too much), your breasts also become more engorged when you are aroused, so you need to factor that in. Don’t jump right in with nipple clamps if you’ve never tried using them before. Instead, just try spending more time playing with the nipples and breasts with gentle sensations. Stroking, tapping rhythmically, teasing around the areola—then, if you want, move on to more intense sensations like squeezing or nibbling. You’ll find out what works for you.

Once you find something that feels great, try interspersing nipple and genital play—remember, they can activate the same part of your brain. Go back and forth, back and forth, eventually combining the two. The slow build up to maximum stimulation can bring immense pleasure!

Stick to Positions that Allow for Easy Access to Your Breasts

If you want to combine nipple play with penetrative sex, go for it. It definitely helps to assume positions where your breasts are easily accessible. Sure, you can always spare a hand to give yourself a quick stroke, but some positions will allow you to really focus on the sensations. For example, if you’re on top, both you and your partner should be able to reach the nipples. Spooning is another good option–both of you can participate and you can get G-spot, clitoris, and nipple stimulation all in one...If you can handle it!

Nipple Orgasms

You’ve probably heard of nipple-only orgasms, like some mythical orgasm that you only read about in fairytales. But they’re real. Very real. Nipple-only orgasms are a thing and though not all women will be able to achieve them, that’s OKAY. Just trying to get there sounds pretty fun, right?

“I found I couldn't stimulate myself to orgasm on my own; it only happens with a partner,” one woman told Cosmopolitan. “Just take the time to experiment and be open-minded about different types of stimulation and different sensations. Don't focus on whether or not an orgasm is building; just enjoy the sensations for what they are.”

Some women find that slower, gentler breast stimulation is the best way to achieve orgasm, but experiment and see what works for you. Adding in some tingly nipple balm or an ice cube balm can enhance your experience and keep you guessing.

Try To Incorporate Toys

Once you understand your body’s sensitivity and figure out what feels good, you might want to try something more intense. Again, you don’t want to jump right in with nipple clamps, but when you’re ready, nipple clamps can be a lot of fun. It’s a safe bet to start with a clothespin type design that allows for easy adjustment

Cleo Nipple Clamps

Remember to move slowly and that things can change with your cycle—what feels orgasmic one day might be painful a week later. The fun part about adding in toys is that you can play around with them at first, and then leave them on through the rest of your romp. It all builds up an amazing layering of sensations...and stronger orgasms.

If you normally think of your nipples as irrelevant parts of a bigger sexual experience, it’s time to slow things down. They are a major erogenous zone, and for some women, they can bring just as much pleasure through stimulation as anywhere else on the body would. You might know how you like your clit and G-spot to be touched, so why not get in tune with your nips? 

Even if you don’t reach the holy grail of a nipple-only orgasm, you’ll enjoy the journey. Trust. And learning how to combine nipple sensations with other forms of stimulation–both as foreplay (whatever that means) and during penetration—can open up a whole new layer of sensuality to your sexual experience. Whatever kind of sex you're into, nipple play can be a great tool. So don’t be afraid to experiment by yourself or with a partner! Welcome stronger orgasms with open arms. Nipple play poses a great opportunity for a more varied sexual experience. Isn’t that what exploration is all about?


By Lea Rose Emery


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