As part of our September coverage, we asked our readers "what moment defined your sexual awakening?"  The answers we received were amazing- from funny to heartbreaking, so random to so relatable and everything in between. We teamed up with Grace Miceli aka @artbabygirl to turn those stories into illustrations with her super playful and nostalgic style. 

"My sexual awakening came when I discovered the detachable shower head."



A few more of our favorite submissions:

"12yo trying to illegally download Harry Potter. Accidentally found an NC-17 Fanfiction. Was confused by why Draco & Hermione made me feel...weird😂"

"I didn't get any sex ed through school, so I took it through church! Not the "abstinence only, lots-of-fear" kind you probably think. The Our Whole Lives curriculum through the UU church. Once a week for a whole year I went to the church at night and learned way more than I ever thought there could be. We did role playing, contests like "guess what this weird thing is" (answer: an IUD), and "how many names can you come up with for this part of the anatomy?" We learned about intimacy, pressure, consent, birth control and way more. Oh, and did I mention that I was the only girl in the class? A class full of eight graders. And let me just say: I rocked it."

"Honestly if clicked for me whenever I had my first orgasm. It was a sensation I will never forget I was rocked from my toes to my hair on the top of my head. My whole body was vibrating. It was just me and the time that I had and myself And it was magical."

"When I was 5 years old it felt really good to rub up against my blanket. I remember having nap time in school and jumping my blanket, thinking nothing of it. My teacher at the time came over and spanked me and moved me away from the boys. I couldn't understand why she was punishing me. It wasn't until was a few years older that I realized I was doing something sexual. I was absolutely ashamed but I knew I enjoyed it. To this day I still often masterbate that same way and it's fantastic!"

"So... my parents used to have a jacuzzi tub in their bathroom and I would take bubble baths every now and then, it was my me time and I would often read inside and change position to feel more comfortable. One of those times, at around 12-13, I decided to sit facing one of the water jets and discovered the wonders of water pressure. The rest was history; when my bath use turned suspicious I started sitting on hot water bottles and, soon after, my fingers."

"Those centaurs in Fantastia. The girls, the dudes, all of them in the scene where they are getting all primped and prepped for god knows what. There was so much sexual tension with that scene, wasn't there? It was so unfamiliar to me and yet, it all started clicking for me then. No surprise that I'm bisexual." 

"The first time I watched porn, I was at a friend's house sleeping over. She told me her family had Cinemax and so we turned it on. I still sort of think she knew porn would be playing at that hour but she acted like she didn't know and I acted like it was totally cool to watch anyways and then, yea, we watched porn for like 3 hours straight. Giggling at times, knowingly quiet at others." 


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