The following is a post from Unbound's official Anal Ambassador, Matthew Reinhold.

You are sitting at your computer right now, probably at work and wondering why should I try anal? In that case, why should I try bangs or that new Rosé or even a trip to India? Because you might just love it! Over the next couple of weeks, I will share tips and tricks on how to take it up the butt.

You will love it, your partner will love it and you add a whole new dimension to your relationship. Who among us can say that their relationship couldn't use a new angle? And if you're single, I'll just swing back to you'll love it.

First with the facts, women have the ability to achieve orgasm through the anus, or a butt-gasam if you will. Now as a gay man, that's all you need to tell me. A new kind of orgasm is more than enough! But then you say, it seems scary and like it would hurt, to which I reply vaginal penetration likely did at first too; now you probably can’t imagine a life without it!

Just by-the-by, what is the most common cause of relationships going stale? Why routine of course. How do you keep things interesting? Mixing it up with a whole new orifice is a pretty great bet. BUT don’t grab your ankles yet! The MOST IMPORTANT thing with anal is the enjoyment of the receiver! Let's be real, whether you are a monogamous basic bitch or a gay Scorpio pig bottom, when your partner is super into the love that you are making, everything is better! #Facts

Now if you're a straight woman, you may be wondering why your man wants it so much? Let's just pick three out of millions of reasons. It’s tighter than the front. It fulfills his porn fantasies. And you won’t give it up as easily because it's more involved and new, which makes him want it even more. Again just #facts. Maybe he has asked for it, maybe he is too worried to ask for it, but he wants it. And Anal play is proven to enhance vaginal intercourse and orgasms for many women. Everybody wins!

Please stay tuned for the next part in our ongoing series, Anal August: ‘Dancing on My Own’- getting comfortable with anal - possibly the impetus for the Robyn song?


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