We can't get enough of Good Clean Love's "Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant." You can expect nothing short of amazing from a product when the CEO and founder, Wendy Strgar, is also a loveologist. That's right. We've spoken with Wendy in the past, and since her product feels good both environmentally and physically, you'll feel even better about using it.

The basics:
This lubricant works with your body to increase vaginal wetness naturally.

Even better:
-No parabens, no glycerin, no silicon, no petrochemicals.
-100% Natural and Organic ingredients
-Safe for latex, toys, and use throughout pregnancy
-Protects and moisturizes sensitive tissues
-Works with the body to simulate natural lubrication
-100% Edible (no, seriously, though, it *actually* tastes good)
-100% Cruelty-free and vegan