Searching for the perfect vibrator can leave a girl feeling like Goldilocks: some are too hard, others too soft -- but with the Minna Limon, it's always just right. With a touch-sensitive interface that responds to the grip of you or your partner, the Limon is always just as hard, or as soft, as you want it to be. And once you've found the perfect pattern for optimum pleasure, you can set the Limon to record and play back your beat -- so that you (and your partner) can focus on, ahem, other things.


Using it alone: Take advantage of free play mode to experiment and try new sensations. Who knows, you may surprise yourself and discover a whole new path to pleasure!

Using it with a partner: Make sure to let your partner know what feels good, and what feels not so good. Minna Limon can't telepathically communicate your thoughts to another person (they're still working on that feature), so speak up and say what you want.

Once you've both discussed what feels good, go ahead and really make the Limon work for you. Minna takes pride in craftsmanship and offers a full year warranty on their products, so don't hold back. And when you're done, try out some Afterglow toy cleaner!

Limon includes a brilliantly simple squeezable interface: the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations. It’s that easy! Limon has unprecedented strength through unique Rumble Motor Technology and, since everyone’s body is different it has customizable memory to allow a completely personalized experience. Limon comes fully charged right out of the box so you can get going.

From our interview with one of the Minna cofounders, Brian Krieger:

what inspired the idea and design?
There were a few key criteria for us in developing Limon. First, we wanted to create something that would be more intuitive and fun for couples. Being able to spontaneously control the intensity of your experience opens a whole new richness of experience and lets couples interact with each other in ways that were previously not possible. Second, we wanted a form that was both approachable and functional - something that people would feel comfortable leaving out in their home but still delivers an amazing experience.

How is this vibrator like no other? What features really make it stand out?
First is the squeezable control - the harder you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations. This makes it really intuitive and natural to control the intensity of the vibrations and your experience. Second is its personalizable memory - Limon can record and replay any pattern of vibrations that you can compose, giving everyone the ability to have a completely unique experience for their body and preferences. Finally, our new Rumble Motor Technology makes it incredible strong for its size.