When you're getting down and dirty, it can be a whole lot of fun to let your fingers do the talking. And with the Hello Touch, it's like your fingers just got an exciting new superpower. These tiny little vibes pack a whole lot of power, so use it wisely, friends.

Some *handy* tips:

Using it alone? Let your fingers take a journey all across your body. Maybe you've been told that vibrators are just for the clitoris -- that doesn't mean that it's true. Who knows, you may surprise yourself and discover a whole new path to pleasure! Try using the Hello Touch over the labia, nipples, and, yes, even the earlobes. (No seriously, its divine!)

Using it with a partner? Make sure to let them know what feels good and what feels meh. It may look like something out of "Minority Report," but the Hello Touch won't turn your partner into a sexual pre-cog, so speak up and get a little bossy. 

And you should get your hands on this too!  We think we may have just unlocked the key to the world's best scalp massage. Slip into the Hello Touch and gently massage your partner's scalp.  

While you've got the Hello Touch on, use it to show your partner exactly where you turn on.  No one should know your body better than you. Sometimes the idea of pleasuring ourselves in front of our partner can be daunting.  Use the Hello Touch as a bit of a learning tool.  You'll enjoy the extra buzz and your partner will get an amazing lesson in Pleasuring You 101.  Hands down an all win situation. (Ok, we'll never stop with the hand jokes). 

The Hello Touch may also be a great way to try out some new moves or re-try some discarded ideas, as the added power makes regular fingertips seem magical. So maybe it's perfect for foreplay leading up to the main event, or maybe it's that extra push sending you over the edge. Whatever the case, just remember that while it looks like futuristic jewelry -- maybe not the best accessory for outside the house.