From the moment we set our eyes on this blindfold, we knew we wanted it for the Power Box. This satin blindfold from Spain based, Bijoux Indiscrets is the perfect multifunctional piece for those looking to add a little intrigue to their seduction. We loved the “Ohhhh…” and “Shhhh…” on each side as well as its double duty as a bondage tie and well, we love it for a good power nap too.

Here are some great ideas that will have your lover begging for more:

*Use the blindfold to dictate set the mood. Are you feeling saucy or subdued? Use the “Ohhhh…” side to blindfold your partner and maybe introduce a smoking hot new vibe you have been saving just for the occasion.

*Want a more subtle lovemaking session? Use the “Shhhh…” side and surprise your lover with feathers, a cube of ice, a Wartenberg wheel, a soft flogger or other device designed to offer the pleasure of sensation. There are tons of things around the house that you can use to stimulate and seduce your lover. 

*Want your partner bound? Use this versatile scarf to blindfold them and secure their hands above their head. Make sure you don't tie it too tight!

*An easy way to bind hands and feet- Bring wrists or ankles together between one or two inches apart. Drape the blindfold over, the middle of the it falling between the wrists/ankles. Bring the two ends together and cross them with a twist, bringing the two ends up in opposite directions. Tie loosely like you would tie your shoes and you have a basic knot with lots of room for play. If it is too long, wrap the blindfold around and secure with a bow. 

*This blindfold is also great for securing hands to headboards or to secure wrists in an office chair. Be creative. 

*Are you a fan of domestic discipline? Try your hand at spanking by first blindfolding your significant other. (Ask permission first!) Reward them with some tender ministrations and they will be yours forever. 

*Like the idea of self bondage? A long satin piece like this is just the thing. Use the method described above to secure your ankles. Have your favorite toy at hand and use a second scarf to blindfold your eyes. (We recommend the Ohhh! Side for this!) Fantasy is everything when you can't see what is going on around you. Turn on your vibe and let it work its magic. We guarantee your sensations will be out of this world.

Some things to avoid:
**Never leave a bound person alone. Ever. 

  **When you secure the knot, make sure you leave some room for the person to move. Slide your fingers underneath the satin. Can you move them? If not, loosen it.

**Have emergency scissors nearby to cut through the scarf if something happens and you can't get the knot undone. Safe, sane and consensual. Better to purchase a new scarf for future play than to injure a lover. 

**For self bondage, have your phone nearby, a pair of emergency scissors and never, ever tie yourself up in any way that will restrict your air flow or cut off your circulation in a way that you can't escape from. safe, get ready to try out your amazing new toy(s) and we hope you will share any kinky and creative ways you come up with for playing with your Bijoux Indiscret Blindfold!