We love, love, love the friskiness of this vibe from Maia Toys. Use the vibrator on your clit, nipples or anywhere that feels deserving of sensation.  The vibe component is also insertable as well measuring at 10 cm in length and 3.2cm in width.  And since it's the season for giving, hand over the remote to a partner and let them control the vibrations or let them drive the vibe and call the shots yourself. If you're flying solo,  don't fret-  a remote control vibe is a ton of fun for self love too!  Start by inserting the vibe but play around with it and see what you like. We also found this vibe to be relatively quiet which is hard to come by since most remote control vibes have a reputation for sounding like a jackhammer a block away.  It's also super lightweight and comes with a small carrying pouch so you can keep both the vibe and remote together (What would be worse? Having a vibe that you can't control or a remote with no vibe? Ugh, let's keep ours together in the bag and never find out.)

Some of the stats:

-Batteries used: 1- AA battery (we packed one of these for you in the box!) 1- 12V battery for the remote. 

-Ten speed pulsations

-100% medical grade silicon (which means only use it with a water based lube!)  

-Waterproof (be careful! given that this product uses batteries, be weary of submerging the remote)  

-Retails for $80

Care instructions:

-Clean the vibe after every use

-Since this product has "in house" batteries, be careful when cleaning the vibrator.  Moisture can damage the product and react with the batteries.

-Always remove the batteries before cleaning and after use to keep it in optimum condition.