For our Unbounders who have subscribed to the box from the start, you asked and we delivered! We're thrilled to pack along a toy cleaner this quarter.  PicoBong's Toy Cleanser is a great little pack a long that keeps your toys clean and safe for use.  The label of the spray pen peels off and you can find further instructions and ingredient information there.  Taking the label off also makes it much more discreet. It could honestly sit in your pencil holder or cosmetic case and no one would know. Maybe they would grab it to clean their glasses with it?  (would be fun to watch...)

The facts:

-Body safe ingredients

-Alcohol free

-Carry on safe for flying

To use:

-Spray on, wait 5-10 seconds (patience, dear one), wipe with a lint free cloth and game on.

-Can be used on a wide range of toy materials: glass, hard plastic, stainless steel, rubber or jelly.  However, when in doubt, simply using water and gentle antibacterial soap is the way to go.