It’s no secret we adore Bijoux products, and this massage candle is no exception. This 100% vegan and paraben free candle is all natural. That means the oils won’t clog pores and there won’t be any sticky leftovers (ummm ew?). Made with sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and shea butter; your skin will feel exquisite after just one use.

We’ve found that just lighting your massage candle will arouse the senses with the aroma of wild strawberry and a dim glow.

Let the candle burn for about five minutes until the wax and essences dissolve into a rich balsam. Gently pour the warm wax onto a partner - or yourself - and massage with circular movements all over the body. No need to worry about burning your beau, these oils don’t contain paraffin or wax, so it melts at a much lower, body-safe temperature.

Oh, and did we mention it’s edible? Not that you’re using a massage candle for a midnight snack or anything… but all ingredients are gluten and sugar free AKA very kiss friendly.