Gangs all here!  We've packed along some of our favorite goods to give you the ultimate solo experience. Play on:

Good Clean Love Personal Moisturizer:

You already know we love Good Clean Love's 'Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant.' What products you use on your body should be safe and non harmful. We want the best for you. Here is the need to know:

-No parabens, no glycerin, no silicon, no petrochemicals.
-95% Natural and Organic ingredients
-Safe for latex, toys, and use throughout pregnancy
-Protects and moisturizes sensitive tissues
-Works with the body to simulate natural lubrication
-100% Edible
-100% Cruelty-free and vegan

Dead Batteries AAA Batteries:

Time to return those batteries back to your remote. We love these kick ass AAA batt's from Wisconsin based company, Dead Batteries. (oh, they work! truuuuust us.)

Sustain Condoms:

Sustain isn't just a condom to look for on the shelves, although you absolutely should. It's a top to bottom, walk the walk and talk the talk company that goes beyond expectations and assumptions that we all carry about condom companies. Sustain is also a "woman friendly" condom company but to just give them that title is selling it all a bit short. It's not just a pretty package. From their production standards to their giveback program which donates 10% of pretax proceeds to women who lack access to family planning, sex ed, and basic health care services like STD testing and breast examinations- it's endlessly impressive and so so important.

Good to know about Sustain:

-Premium Quality Latex
-Individually Electronically Tested
-Fair Trade & Vegan Certified
-Free of Dyes & Fragrances
-Sustainably Produced

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