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12 Babes of Giving

The Holiday Gift Guide for every Babe on your list.

For The Girl Who Sends Her Lingerie To The Dry Cleaners

Offerings for the High Priestess of Treat Yo’self

For The Friend Who Always Tries To Plug Their Music In At Parties

A hit list of her new favorites.

For The Friend Who Meets The Love Of Her Life Every Other Week

A collection of covetables that they’ll fall hard for.

For The Friend Who Says She Doesn’t Need A Vibrator

Pulsating products for the lady who doth protest too much.

For The Friend Who Says They’re On Their Way But They’re Still In Bed

Last call, bb’s. Get your gift game in on time.

For The Babe Who Puts Her Dildo In The Dishwasher

Neat novelties for your Queen of Clean.

For The Girl That Can Make A Lunch Out Of Grocery Store Samples

An arousing array of goods for the girl who wants it all.