Love Letters

The subscription is amazing, really. The price point is high, but considering what you get, it's more than worth it.


I have received nothing but the best customer service and that says so much about your company and is so important to me as a customer, so thank you!


I appreciate the great customer service you girls have provided, and I will continue to shop at Unbound.


My girlfriend and I love our Unbound Boxes! We look forward to receiving them quarterly and playing with the contents.


I know you guys are geared towards women, but us guys like to treat ourselves and our girls too. Love your site and what you stand for.


Really appreciate the body-safe materials and feminist ideals :) This is such a cool company!


Your emails makes me not feel any guilt about buying adult toys!!! Great job and what an amazing company!!!


Wow that was the quickest response I have ever gotten from any customer service at a subscription box company . And I subscribe to a LOT of boxes and have for years , so that is saying a lot ! I think I am going to love being a member of your company!


I'm so enamored of the whole idea behind your service. Clearly this world needs more feminist sex shops and the fact that you donate some of your proceeds to female sexual health services just floors me. Thank you so much for doing what you do.


I LOVE what Unbound stands for and you ladies rock!! Keep doing what you're doing!

Ana Maria

I appreciate the whole team's attention to customer service and the awesome Drake gif that was tweeted to me this morning.


I used to feel shy, afraid and a little objectified in a way when I went buy things for this department of life. But you all changed that. I have been so proud to buy from a company that doesn't make sex a dirty, shameful act or something purely used to satisfy men.


LOVE the boxes!!! So impressed with the classy useful eco-friendly people-safe high-quality product! And everything got here SO quick! (Hawaii is notorious for shipping issues)


Thank you for existing, I admire your spirit and the way you write all your emails. They touch my heart.


Having lost my wife after a 7 year battle with breast and ovarian cancer I appreciate your donations to women health causes. 6.9% is a beautiful thing.