a whole new vibe! Check out PEP! 📣

a whole new vibe! Check out PEP! 📣

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Measure your ring size for Palma

Before we get started, please note that each Palma comes with a complimentary ring adjuster. If you fall between two sizes, order the larger size and use the adjuster to help it sit more snugly on your finger.

Diagram of hand wearing Palma

You will need:

  • A piece of paper or a piece of string
  • A marker
  • A measuring tape or ruler
  1. Step one

    Find a piece of paper (pro tip: use the sticky part of a sticky note) or a piece of string.

  2. Step two Diagram of hand with string wrapping

    Wrap the paper or string around your finger and use your marker to mark the paper or string where it completes the circle.

  3. Step three

    Use your measuring tape or ruler to measure the paper or string and use the following table to determine your correct ring size.

    Don't see your size? We're working on offering a wider range of sizes for future runs of Palma. In the meantime, please reach out to hello@unboundbabes.com for resizing options.

Ring size Measured length
Size 5 1 7/8 inches
Size 6 2 1/8 inches
Size 7 2 1/4 inches
Size 8 2 3/8 inches
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