Valentine's Day Mad Libs

Fill in the words below to create your best Valentine's Day Ever.

💖 's Dream Date 💖

So I was wearing my best , 🙏 feeling fine, and waiting for my blind date to pick me up. Finally, I see a huge come around the block, and it’s ! 😍😍😍 We ate dinner at and everything was going great. We ended up 💦 at the Hotel and started playing with my new . Suddenly barges in the room and starts belting out “🎶🎶” and drinking all of our . We grabbed our clothes and peeled out of the parking lot leaving a trail of behind us. After we got back to my place, 💕💕 walked me to my door, presented me with a 🌹 bouquet 🌹 of and said with a seductive smile, “Same time next year 😉?”

I leaned in and whispered, “I wouldn’t trade this night for all the in the world. Happy Valentine’s Day, you .” 💋

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