NEW, NEW! Shake things up with the Magic Babe Ball!

NEW, NEW! Shake things up with the Magic Babe Ball!

Quartz Puff & Mint Bender
Mint Puff & Quartz Bender
Quartz Puff & Quartz Bender
Mint Puff & Mint Bender
Bender Packaging
Puff Packaging

The 11/11 Set

$92.00 $115.00
or 4 Interest-Free Payments of $23.00

Happy Singles Day! Celebrated on 11/11, Singles Day is a holiday made for those pursuing life (and pleasure) solo. For today only, we're offering our two very best sellers for over 20% off when you buy them together and TRUST: they are even better when used together. 

Puff is our brand new compact suction vibe. Puff's soft outer ring rests against your anatomy to create a rhythmic sucking sensation while the 5 intensity settings allow you to choose the right amount of suction for you.


Bender is a multi-speed, waterproof, body-safe, flexible internal vibrator with magnetic USB charging capabilities. The flexible body of the vibe is ideally suited for G-Spot, clitoral, or overall external stimulation. Bender features 10 speeds and patterns.

  • Best Seller
  • Medical Grade
  • Multispeed
  • Rechargeable
  • Vibrating
  • Waterproof

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Customer Reviews

Based on 518 reviews

Ok Yesssss actually so worth it! Very happy with my purchase, but its making me want to spend more money on Unbound! Thank youuuu for some sweet sweet orgasms!

Celeb ship of the century.

Bender and Puff are a perfect pair. They stimulate in distinct and harmonious ways, like a well-crafted meal *chef's kiss*!! Bender is bendy, but not in a way that prevents you from getting at where you need to. It's not distractingly flexible--more like it bends with your body. She accommodates. WHICH brings me to my favorite thing about this toy...the slight give and bulbous end makes Bender your best friend for cervical orgasms. Other toys I've used to get at my A-spot and cervix tread a fine line between "ah," and "ow." Bender delivers. The varying speeds are fun to play with, but it's the ergonomics that sold me. Tbh, Puff took me a tiny bit of patience. The precision she offers means it takes a second to find a sweet spot. That being said, once I got there, it was like finding my clit for the first time. At first, I was confused where I needed Puff to be, but when I got it, I GOT it. This is a blended orgasm dream team. And they're whimsical looking to boot. Keep 'em on my bookshelf for easy access and because they're undeniably pretty.

OBSESSED with Puff.

I was so PUMPED when I saw this set. I've always wanted bender, and I had been interested in puff. I already have Ollie and that bitch has changed my life. So I splurged and got the set. Puff is AMAZING once you get used to it. I'm a bigger girl so I was worried it wouldn't be as good since there's more to love down there, but holy shit it's fantastic. Bender is great, but I wish it was more powerful. I love that I can bend it (lol) and it's great to use on me during intercourse. I think I'm just used to how powerful ollie is, but using bender and puff at the same time is FANTASTIC!!!

So Amazing!

I've always been scared to buy toys because I'm new to the whole 'self-care' thing and I wasn't sure which would work. A friend won bender in a raffle and told me it was really good, so I thought I'd try it. I saw this deal and figured why not try both? They are so amazing! The different modes help you find what you're looking for. The puff isn't exactly quiet, but it's not that loud either. I think if you play some soft music, anyone outside of the room wouldn't hear a thing. Overall, I absolutely love my purchase, and I'd definitely recommend it to other first-timers


getting them both was great and I cannot see anyone ever regretting puff

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