Geisha Secrets Kit


Geisha Secrets Kit

$25.00 $42.00

Geisha-inspired seduction kit

  • scented

Unbound O-Factor

This small collection set is perfect for romantic getaways.  Enjoy a sensual massage with Grape and Exotic Fruit oils, then shower off together with a supple scented shower gel.  Finally get even closer with the Secret Garden clitoral stimulant gel, body powder and feather tickler. Also makes a great gift!


  • Exotic Fruit Erotic Massage Oil - .35 fl. oz
  • Grape Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil - .35 fl. oz
  • Exotic Fruit Shower Gel - .35 oz
  • Secret Garden Clitorial Gel- .125 fl. oz
  • Raspberry Sweet Snow Body Powder and a small feather tickler - .125 oz

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Shunga erotic art provides quality products to enhance the intimacy for couples who wish to add variety and sensuality to their love making.

Unbound in the Wild

These pieces look good IRL, too.

That’s what she* said

* By 'she' we mean any femme identifying individual though Unbound is inclusive to all gender or non-gender identifying individuals. This is just meant to be a silly joke and we hope you don't take it too too seriously. You know, Michael Scott style.