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Ami Progressive Kegel Set

Je Joue

Ami Progressive Kegel Set


Progressive kegel trainer set

Unbound O-Factor

Kegel exercises have a host of awesome benefits including enhanced sensitivity, better natural lubrication and more powerful orgasms. They also improve sensation during intercourse if you have a partner and can improve post-partum and menopausal vaginal health. Je Joue’s Ami set is perfect for all levels of experience, including three progressively heavier high-silicone kegel trainers that help you slowly build up the strength of your PC muscles. Each toy encloses small balls that move with your body’s motion to create a discrete arousing sensation.

Pro tip

Start with the lightest ball in this set and work your way up to the heaviest as your PC muscles gain strength from conditioning. Insert each with a dollop of water-based lubricant. Practice holding trainers in place for 20 minutes, then see if you can work up to longer.


  • Set of three: soft weight single ball, medium weight double ball, heavy double ball
  • High quality silicone (not silicone-lube compatible)
  • 1.8oz (set)

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Je Joue's sex toys are the ultimate in quality with their beautifully crafted designs. All designs are guided by expert insight and extensive research.

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These pieces look good IRL, too.

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