The Like-Like You Set
The Like-Like You Set
The Like-Like You Set
navy silicone handcuffs
The Like-Like You Set

The Like-Like You Set

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Whether a new crush, or a long time love, this box has everything you need to say I like, totally, like like-like you.


Bender: Listen, no matter what your partner says no one is perfect. Lucky for you there is Bender. This incredibly flexible vibe bends in all directions to make for an experience that is as unique and electrifying as your love. Available in Quartz and Mint colors. Select your desired color below. 


OMG Spot Serum (10 Pack): This glorious G-spot stim serum uses organic Japanese peppermint oil and L-Arginine to increase the size and the sensitivity of the G-spot, making it easier to find so you can skip all the fumbling around and get right to the good stuff. Ingredient list is available here. 


Cuffies: The couple that cuffs together, stays together. These restraints get the job done without the hassle of keys, locks or hardware so you can get closer, faster.


Truth or DareTruth or Dare cards are a fun way to put it all out there with a partner. Sort the cards into two piles, Truth and, ya you guessed it, Dare. Take turns choosing cards and following the saucy prompts. Each deck includes two Pass cards that allow you to skip a card if you’re not feeling it. 

That’s what she* said

Customer Reviews

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love-love this

The Cuffies are easy to use and not too restricting, the serum is amazing but would be even better in a bottle and Bender works wonders. Cute set, cute deal, cute price

In love <3

Adore it, it's easy to use, easy to clean, I can store it anywhere cause it comes with a lovely bag to put it in. I love how I can change it, I don't need batteries and the change goes a long way.
I read another comment about not being able to come from penetration alone but with the bender it happened and girl, same. Idk if I want to mention that to my bf cx

great deal!!!

the cards are pretty repetitive unfortunately but the bender is fun and the cuffs are great!! wish the gel came in bottles instead of foils b/c it's kind of hard to reuse but still love everything!

Must have!

A must have for any couple, hubby and I both love the bender and it’s flexibility in positions and use. Love that we can use while he is inside for dual play.

The cuffs are great for shower, and love the gel!! Just wish it came in pump not foil pack form.

I like-like this set

This set is the absolute bundle of joy I needed before the holidays. From the packaging to what's included inside - everything is done with amazing attention to detail. The Bender is now undoubtedly my favourite toy for external and internal stimulation alike - the powerful buzz can take me from 0 to 100 and all the numbers in between in the time and way I like.

*By ‘she’ we mean anyone who finds Unbound’s products and philosophy useful to them. Whether you’re a woman, non-binary, a man or agender, if you’re a feminist who is serious about their pleasure - we’ve got your back.

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