The Like-Like You Set
The Like-Like You Set
The Like-Like You Set
navy silicone handcuffs
The Like-Like You Set

The Like-Like You Set

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Whether a new crush, or a long time love, this box has everything you need to say I like, totally, like like-like you.


Bender: Listen, no matter what your partner says no one is perfect. Lucky for you there is Bender. This incredibly flexible vibe bends in all directions to make for an experience that is as unique and electrifying as your love. Available in Quartz and Mint colors. Select your desired color below. 


OMG Spot Serum (10 Pack): This glorious G-spot stim serum uses organic Japanese peppermint oil and L-Arginine to increase the size and the sensitivity of the G-spot, making it easier to find so you can skip all the fumbling around and get right to the good stuff. Ingredient list is available here. 


Cuffies: The couple that cuffs together, stays together. These restraints get the job done without the hassle of keys, locks or hardware so you can get closer, faster.


Truth or DareTruth or Dare cards are a fun way to put it all out there with a partner. Sort the cards into two piles, Truth and, ya you guessed it, Dare. Take turns choosing cards and following the saucy prompts. Each deck includes two Pass cards that allow you to skip a card if you’re not feeling it. 

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Cum for the Bender, Stay for the Bonuses

I bought this pack for the Bender, which my friend was raving about. I have never been that into vibrators, but I also have mostly just used those cheap little bullets so figured I should see what other options are available. This is a super versatile toy, and I think it's a great starter for general exploration, because there are so many options for how you can play around with it. I've been using it for a month or so now and I feel like I'm just starting to scratch the surface of what's possible for this bendy little delight!
I haven't tried the G-spot serum yet, but I love that they come in convenient little packets. My friends and I are planning a night together where we talk/compare sex toys (Unbound, if you want to start a MLM scheme, we are here for it) and I plan to give out these little packets to them all so we can compare experiences. Even if you don't like these, it's a fun and playful little something that's easy to share with your vagina-having pals.
The Cuffies are a perfect mix of stretchy and firm. They're soft and compact and a really chill and casual take on restraints. Haven't had a lot of opportunity to play with them yet, but they're clearly nice quality and will serve the purpose you expect.
The cards... I don't think I'll use. Some cards seem more suited to talking about sex with friends, and some seem more suited to hooking up. I know there can be some overlap in those categories, but I just feel like if you were using this in most contexts, you'd pull some cards that felt like not the vibe of the evening, you know? I might sort them out into 2 or 3 different packs that are more suited to different kinds of nights, or I might just gift them to someone who seems more into them.
Overall, the set was a great deal for the assortment you get, and I would absolutely recommend getting it for yourself or as a gift.

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Great Starter Set

Definitely go with the set, it's totally worth it!

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WOOOAH - Perfect Lil Intro to Kink

The vibrator backs one hell of a punch when used externally! I’m on SSRI’s so orgasming is a little more out of my reach than I’d prefer but so with this lil babe!! The OMG stim spot gel was nice and tingly but I didn’t get to see if it helped me get the G spot orgasm, I ran into one of the wires of my IUD and chickened out. The handcuffs are nice and soft and I love that I can take them off myself, and my boyfriend DEFINITELY seems interested ;) it’s pretty compact for an over night stay and everyone’s pretty satisfied

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Nice and Easy Set for Beginners

My fiance bought this for me for my birthday and let me tell b-day gift ever. Let's break down each product:

Truth-or-Dare Cards: they're fun, just not our thing.
O-M-G Spot Serum: very fun to use! My fiance loves to rub it on himself as well before we get down and dirty. Very tingly and enhances the feeling of the G-Spot tremendously.
Cuffies: I'm more into BDSM type things than my fiance is, but he actually really loves using these cuffs on me. They are less intimidating than the classic metal ones and are stretchy, so you can still reach up front and get the hair out of your face if need be and they don't feel really tight around your wrists.
Bender: I saved the best for last. This vibrator is amazing. Perfect for clit stimulation and feels amazing inside too. Perfect for if you want something to go in, but not necessarily a full on dildo. Try using Bender with the O-M-G Spot changing.

Ultimately, this is a fun set for a beginner sexplorer or a curious couple. Definitely something for everyone in this set!

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*By ‘she’ we mean anyone who finds Unbound’s products and philosophy useful to them. Whether you’re a woman, non-binary, a man or agender, if you’re a feminist who is serious about their pleasure - we’ve got your back.

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