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Menopause Box


Menopause Box

$165.00 (a $187 value)

Going through menopause does not mean abandoning your worthiness of pleasure.

Unbound O-Factor

The end of your menstrual cycle isn’t a marker for the end of your pleasure period. Keep the good times rolling and treat yourself or someone you love to this box of therapeutical joys.

In this Box

Womanizer Pro40: Find what suits you best between eight levels of intensity and touchless clitoral stimulation, delivered to you through pulsating waves. Your own waves of pleasure will be unstoppable with this powerful waterproof vibe.

Jolt Gel Foils 2x: Unbound’s clitoral stimulant gel is vegan, made of organic extracts, and free of parabens and menthol. Jolt increases blood flow to the clit, and you’ll only need the tiniest bit!

Kegel Toy Trainer: Designed to get your pelvic floor into shape, engage in ultimate strength training with this silicone kegel trainer. Designed for easy removal, this trainer contains additional information and pro-tips on pelvic floor exercising inside the packaging.

GCL Restore Moisturizing Lubricant full size: A moisturizing lubricant that was formulated to mirror a healthy vaginal environment. With perfectly calibrated pH levels, salt balance, and beneficial lactic acid, this lube encourages restoration to your healthiest nature.

Booshies 3x: Stay fresh and ready for anything with these handy biodegradable wipes on deck! They’re paraben-free and flushable, and just as fun to use as they are to say.

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These pieces look good IRL, too.

That’s what she* said

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