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Behold, our reversible satin eye mask with an adjustable elastic band. Lined in a inky blue satin, Shade is the perfect tool for setting the mood for a well-deserved rest or sensation play. Includes a satin drawstring bag for storage.

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Customer Reviews

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SO Comfy!

It's so soft. I live in San Francisco so there's lots of light that shines into my window at night. I've always been the type of person to sleep in total darkness. It's been bothering me for months.

I decided to purchase this one on a whim (honestly to get enough in my order for free shipping lol) and I'm so glad I did. The first week I used it I slept so hard I had insanely vivid dreams every night. It's so soft and comfy.

The strap is adjustable which is awesome. It doesn't leave a dent in my hair or anything. If you're thinking about it, I'd go for it!

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Cute and Luxurious

Shade is silky and adorable, perfect for a nap or fun night ;)

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Works great

This shade works great and also very comfortable. I’ve that’s it’s reversible too!

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My favorite eye mask ever!!

This eye mask is PURE LUXURY! I've been gifted ones that are 3x more expensive, but the quality of this eye mask far surpasses any other one I've seen on the market. Totally agree with the other reviews, for the nights I'm too lazy to wash off my eye makeup, the navy side is perfect! ;)

Hubby loves it!!!

Got the eyemask for myself, then the husband goes and STEALS it!! He won't let me have it back and loves it so much. He uses the pink side even though it's reversible (LOL)!!

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