Star Glittery Flash Pasties -  Nipple Play - Unbound

Bijoux Indiscrets

Star Glittery Flash Pasties

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Glitter pasties

  • Nipple Play

Unbound O-Factor

We love everything Bijoux makes, but we find these pasties especially fun. Try love pairing them with white, light, and sheer tops or wearing them underneath for a scandalous reveal.


  • Glittery gold
  • Star or lightning bolt shape
  • One pair per pack
  • Reusable

Background check

Bijoux Indiscrets is a Spanish erotica and sensual products company which features sensual accessories, erotic cosmetics, and intimate toys designed for women by women.

Unbound in the Wild

These pieces look good IRL, too.

That’s what she* said

*By ‘she’ we mean anyone who finds Unbound’s products and philosophy useful to them. Whether you’re a woman, non-binary, a man or agender, if you’re a feminist who is serious about their pleasure - we’ve got your back.