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The Cum in Peace Set with Orion Over the Door Restraints, Saucy Vibrator, and Stellar Dildo
Stellar Glass Curved Dildo
Saucy Navy Silicone Vibrator
Orion Over the Door Restraints

Cum in Peace Set

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Saucy is a waterproof, body-safe silicone vibrator with magnetic USB charging capabilities. Haptic response technology means the harder you squeeze, the harder it vibrates.


Stellar just might be the toy of your intergalactic dreams. Made from high-grade borosilicate glass, Stellar is designed for intense internal stimulation and external massage.


Use the Orion cuffs by themselves or add the strap for some over-the-door restraint play. Just remember, Orion doesn’t support full-body suspension, so no zero-gravity simulations, please.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Perfectly Balanced Set

Some of my favorite items, in a bundle! Ollie is perfect, but saucy is, well it's not really worth it unless you're just beginning -- the haptic fuss is more than it's worth. Still awaiting Orion cuffs. Good set.

Love love love

These pieces are all so beautiful and work so well!


The handcuffs are freaking gorgeous. That electric royal blue is stunning. Stellar really is out of this world. The glass is such a gorgeous blue/purple color and it the shape is magical. I had no idea I needed a glass dildo like that but WOW. I am consistently amazed by how perfectly those contours hit the right spot. Saucy is great to use in combination. I also love to use saucy on my boyfriend’s balls while I’m giving head or riding him. To say he loves it too would be an understatement 😂 It’s great that it is royal blue and non-phallic shaped. My hot pink penis shaped vibrating dildo made him a bit uncomfortable. He likes this one much more lol

Levelled up

Great level up from (imo) beginners vibrators like bean and ollie. I love the squeezing function as I love grabbing things as I approach climax! Stellar is a lot of fun, I have UB's other glass dildo which helped me overcome fear of penetrative masturbation, and this allowed me to explore different shapes and stimulations. The cuffs are a bit stiff at first before you break them in, but super pretty both for taking nudes in and using on my subs!!


Incredible quality and beautiful set! As everyone has mentioned, the Saucy vibe is very rumble-y, which feels amazing! It’s not a direct vibration and sometimes it takes time to find the perfect spot/pressure, but it’s so super cute and I love that it matches everything else in the set!! The glass of Stellar is absolutely gorgeous!! Pictures don’t do it justice! Highly recommend temperature play! Toss that thing in the freezer for a little added excitement! The cuffs are so sturdy and I love how adjustable they are!

Thanks so much for your awesome feedback, bb!

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