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First Base Set
Two oval palm sized vibrators, one is mint green and the other is quartz pink
A glass dildo with two sides, one side is smooth and the other side is beaded

First Base Set

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Whether this is your first game or you’re an old pro, this set has what you need to play the field and see what works best for you.


Bean: This battery-powered vibe comes with six vibration patterns to get you goin’. Perfect for beginners, this vibe is waterproof, so feel free to play on land or sea. Available in Quartz and Mint colors. Select your desired color below.


OMG Spot Stim Serum (Foil): Never swing and miss again, with this lube designed to help you find the G-spot. This glorious G-spot serum uses organic peppermint oil and dL-Arginine to increase the size and sensitivity of the G-spot, making it easier to find. Peep ingredients here.


Clitoral Jolt Gel (Foil): This peppermint infused lube is designed to add sensation to the clitoris and score those big O’s. This enhanced lubricant contains peppermint oil, natural damiana, L-Arginine, and L-Ornithine to increase blood flow to the clitoris. Peep ingredients here. 


Gem: Our infamous glass dildo is double-sided so you can choose which way you play. Gem can be dipped in warm water or placed in the refrigerator if you're interested in a little temperature play. And since Gem is made from specially toughened borosilicate glass, this lil' dil can be washed in the dishwasher.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Stunning Gift

I got this as a gift for my college-aged friend who mentioned they had never owned a vibe before! They were absolutely stunned by Gem and couldn't wait to learn how to go through the patterns on Bean. A great way to encourage healthy self-love for someone you care about!

game changer

I like that the ends have different arrangements. This will be a game changer.

Expectations exceeded!

This set is great and the most fun when toys are used together :)

Love this!

This set is super cute and I recommend it for any beginner! My favorite is Gem!!! I’ve never been able to fit anything inside me (because I’m a virgin) but this was the perfect size and it hits the G spot perfectly! Jelly is a really nice lube, and the G spot and Clitoral Jolt jellies are super nice too. Bean is good for a beginner, but I’m used to a stronger vibe so I don’t use it too much (it would be great for traveling though!) Overall, a really nice set and a great deal!

Brace yourself

The shape of the tip and accuracy of the Gem combined with the bean and lubes create an intense combo. I highly recommend this set.

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