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tsk, tether, truth or dare cards, spike, bit and cuffies
Bit bar gag with velvet ties
Tsk double ended whip/flogger
Spike pinwheel with hands
Truth or Dare Cards Packaging
Cuffies Silicone Wrist Restraints
Tether Bondage Tapes on hands
level up set tsk, tether, truth or dare cards, cuffies and bit, spike

Level Up Set

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Truth or Dare Cards are a fun way to put it all out there with a partner. Take turns choosing cards and following the saucy prompts. Each deck includes two Pass cards that allow you to skip a card if you’re not feeling it.


Bit is the perfect gag bar to sink your teeth into. The velvety ribbon ties can be removed for a more thorough cleaning.


Spike's three rows of pinwheels make it the perfect tool for sensation play. The long handle allows you to apply pressure as you see fit making this a fun foreplay tool.


Cuffies let you restrain yourself or your partner without the elaborate knots, buckles and locks that come with your typical handcuffs. Made from strong body-safe silicone, so they’re resilient and ideal for getting into different positions.


Tsk’s firm but supple paddle is made of patent leather on one end and teasing, silky silicone tassels on the other side. With seven inches of a sturdy handle available, you can whip it good!


Tether is great for simple bondage play and is almost effortless to remove. Made of PVC, Tether is guaranteed to keep things secure. At 15 meters/50 feet long and 4.9 centimeters/2 inches wide, Tether is all the pleasure and none of the discomfort of traditional constraints. No marks, no residue, no fumbling around!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
So sick!

Love everything in the set! If you're considering any of these items or any combo of them, I recommend you get the lot!!


The Level Up Set is truly a level up! I love everything in it.


i initially was just going to buy spike & the cuffies but decided to just spring for this since it’s such a great deal. i’m really glad i did! Bit is a super comfortable gag, tether is awesome, & i didn’t think i’d ever see the truth or dare cards again but even those are great!

So fun!

Was looking for a nice array of products for me and my boyfriend and super happy with all of these! Handcuffs are a little small for him but the tether tape works just fine instead. Quality is great on each product!

just buy it already!!!!!!

my boyfriend and i love everything in this set! super high quality and great for some kinky beginners like myself.

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