Holographic Train Travel Case with Mirror
Open Holographic Train Travel Case with Mirror with Removable Strap
Model Holding Holographic Train Travel Case with Mirror

Train Case

or 4 Interest-Free Payments of $20.00

Keep your makeup close and your sex toys closer—
it all fits in this retro-futuristic holographic train case with
mirror inside. Features a removable strap. 9.5 in x 6 in x 6.5 in.


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Customer Reviews

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This train case was so worth saving up points for. It’s spacious and the pink material inside makes it feel even more posh. It comes with a carrying strap!

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Wow the quality and size of this is amazing!!!!

Perfect case for all my unbound toys! It has a super luscious pink velvet lining and mirror inside. So much more beautiful and high quality than I expected!

Thanks for the review bb!
So cute!

I used my Area 69 points to get the train case to hold all my Unbound goodies, and I am SO HAPPY with it! It’s so freakin cute. The holographic outside is easy to wipe down and it looks cute by my bed. The pink velvety interior is soft to the touch. There’s a little mirror on the lid that ties in the silver exterior of the case.
Plus, the strap is high quality, if you wanted to carry it someplace!

Everything is texturally pleasing to the touch. I know that sounds weird, but that’s super important. And it holds SO MUCH STUFF.

All in all, I love it, and if one wanted to purchase it rather than use their points for it it would be completely worth it. My boyfriend even <3 it. :)

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I’m in love.

I’ve been wanting something better than a couple of drawers for my toys, and this was exactly what I needed! The design is really sleek and the optional long strap is a fantastic addition. I feel like a real adult now that I don’t have to dig around drawers when I want some “me time”!

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Beyond words

This train case is pure holo beauty. I have it bedside currently storing all my unbound beauties. But I have used it for a recent weekend trip got so many compliments. It’s so beautiful in person!

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