Womanizer Deluxe -  Vibrators - Unbound
Womanizer Deluxe -  Vibrators - Unbound
Womanizer Deluxe -  Vibrators - Unbound
Womanizer Deluxe -  Vibrators - Unbound


Womanizer Deluxe


Suction clitoral vibrator

  • clitoral
  • rechargable
  • 5+ modes

Unbound O-Factor

The splash proof, USB rechargeable device consists of a soft silicone tip attached to a hard plastic body that features two control buttons: a small silver on/off switch and a gemstone button that toggles between eight intensity levels.

The ultimate sensation of the so-called “PleasureAir Technology” is less of a strong suction and more of a hyper-localized, gentle rhythmic variation in pressure *around* your clit, though without any direct contact. 

If you are into intensely targeted stimulation, this is a great vibe for you. The Womanizer requires a little more patience than many other vibes but we promise, the result is worth the effort and unlike anything else we've tried. 


  • Pink with rose design
  • Includes womanizer sensual massager, USB-cord, USB -charger, satin storage pouch, XL-treatment head, user manual
  • 8 intensity levels
  • Up to 4 hours of battery life 

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Epi24 is a German company that develops and produces innovative lifestyle products. Their international team of engineers and designers closely collaborates with physicians and wellness experts.

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