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Wear this sleek adjustable accessory as a racy addition to any outfit or when flouting the clothes scene altogether. Harness features a detachable patent leather collar and a stretchy elastic waistband and torso strap to accommodate a variety of body types.

  • Adjustable
  • Restraints

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That’s what she* said

Customer Reviews

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Short torso; hips that sink the ships

I wasn't entirely sure that harness would fit. I have a shorter torso and definitely adjusted it up a bit so the waist strap hit my waist and not hips. I'm a size 20 and there was still a little room for more. I also put the collar on my partner (but not the other parts) then I set the torso part to the longest setting, and made the waist strap the smallest it could go and yep, I led him around the room like a dog on a leash. Not even sure if it was meant to work like that but we improvised. lol

We love a little improvisation ;) Happy to hear you're getting creative and enjoying Harness!
I love it! But...

This is my first collar, and harness, and I admit I am not comfortable with tight stuff around my neck, so I was apprehensive. This collar is wonderful! The snap closure makes removal quick and easy, and I can do it myself. The harness is cute and comfortable. My only issue is that the clip that attaches the harness to the collar doesn't actually fit, so getting the clip attached or detached is not easy, if you want to have the option to use either the collar or the collar/harness.

*By ‘she’ we mean anyone who finds Unbound’s products and philosophy useful to them. Whether you’re a woman, non-binary, a man or agender, if you’re a feminist who is serious about their pleasure - we’ve got your back.