Two Hands Wrapping Blue PVC Tether Bondage Restraint Tape
Blue PVC Tether Bondage Restraint Tape
Blue Box Packaging For Blue PVC Tether Bondage Restraint Tape


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Get stuck on how simple bondage tape is without getting stuck to it; Tether only sticks to itself. It’s great for restraining and almost effortless to remove, so it’s perfect for beginners and perfect for more advanced users looking to stylize restraint play.

Made of PVC, Tether is guaranteed to keep things secure. At 15 meters/50 feet long and 4.9 centimeters/2 inches wide, Tether is all the pleasure and none of the discomfort of traditional constraints. No marks, no residue, no fumbling around!

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I'm not gonna lie

I haven't used it yet. And to be fully honest that's not why I bought it. I fucked my ankle up several weeks ago because I have mobility issues and it caused me to keep reinjuring it as I walked. My tensor kept fraying apart and getting holes while the pins kept bending. I saw tether in the shop and something clicked when I read the description. My ankle is better now tho but I won't be surprised if I fuck it up again. I needed more support than the tensor because it was so cheap, if this restricts bodies the way it should I'm sure it'll secure my dumdum ankle so I don't fuck shit up again.

Props for getting creative! Whatever works, babe! Best of luck with that ankle, and thanks for the review.
So much fun. Best intro to bondage.

This was the perfect accessory for our first foray into the world of bondage. My partner and I loved it. So easy to cut (no scissors necessary), wrap, and undo. As the description says, the tape sticks to itself, but not skin, so you don't have to worry about it tugging on any arm/leg hair, etc. We are both super inexperienced (read: we have never used anything like this before), and we found it to be super easy with a little help from the internet for some inspiration and reference images. No ropes or fancy knots needed, just wrap this sucker where you want it wrapped. We found that, when tying arms/legs to bedposts, etc., we had to kind of tuck/tie the tape end wrapped on the post, but it did not ruin the fun at all. Once we're out of this roll, 100% buying another one. Have fun y'all.

Sounds like you had a great time ;) Thanks for leaving us a review!!
Exactly as described

Haven’t had a chance to play with my partner yet, but I had fun trying it out tying myself up a bit. It does not stick to you, and I am happy I decided to give it a try. Plus it matches with my cuffies😉

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Great product without sticking to you!

This is a great bonding tape that does not stick to you. It does not hurt you. It can be used over and over. Great product. Very happy with this item. I was not sure what to expect, very pleased I ordered it. 👍🏻👍🏻

Thanks for the review!
works well

sticks together well without needing to be wrapped too tightly, isnt sticky to the touch. would recommend.

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