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Learn about the Pep vibe!

Hands holding Pep vibrator against a cloud background
Ready for some Pep 101?
Check out our most frequently asked questions below! If the answer you’re looking for isn’t here, reach out to us at or start a live chat during business hours.

Pep is our brand new, perfectly compact vibe that's great for beginners or anyone seeking a travel-friendly, buzzworthy vibe. While Pep is small in size, it's robust in features:  5 intensity settings & 3 patterns, waterproof up to 3 feet deep, and USB rechargeable using the Unbound Universal Charger.

With Pep, we designed an easy-to-use vibrator packed with tons of features to explore what feels best for you.  Pep's unique shape allows you to opt for targeted or broad stimulation. There's also a variation in the squishiness of the surface so the sensation varies based on the point of contact. 5 intensity settings offer a wide range of vibrations to choose from and 3 patterns that you'll *actually* want to use.

Q: How does Pep work?
A:  Inside Pep, a small but powerful motor spins a metal weight to produce a rumbly vibration. The motor, contained in a small capsule, is surrounded by a layer of squishy silicone. All of the internals are wrapped in a waterproof silicone skin. Pep has 5 vibration intensities and 3 patterns, which you can navigate via the + and - buttons.

Q: Why did you call it Pep?
A: When we were developing this vibe, we talked a lot about the experience of buying your first vibe. There's an optimistic tension that exists between being excited and nervous about trying something new. When it comes to the name Pep or our approach to the creative for this vibe, we felt drawn to the concept of a homecoming or pep rally. These are events where everyone gathers together in the name of welcoming new people and celebrating those who have already been around. For newbies especially, Pep will represent a first foray into a new experience and we wanted a name that communicated our excitement and support or ya know, a lil Pep talk.

Q: How big is Pep?
A: Pep fits in palm of most hands. Here are the dimensions of Pep: height: 3.0 inches, length: 2.2 Inches, width: 1.3 Inches.

Q: How heavy is Pep?
A: Pep weighs 2.8 oz and is verrry light! 

Q: How long does Pep take to charge?
A: Pep takes approximately 2 hours to charge.

Q: Is Pep good for beginners?
A: Absolutely! We designed Pep to be a great vibe for beginners or those looking for a compact, travel-friendly vibe. The size is super approachable and the intensity settings provide a broad range of vibration strength. Setting 1 is purposely very tame. 

Q: Is Pep more rumbly or buzzy?
A:  Rumbly. The first setting is pretty tame but once you level up to setting three, four and five- you'll notice it's strong and rumbly. 

Q: What does Pep feel like?
A:  Pep’s small but powerful motor offers a nice rumbly sensation. You can use Pep’s flat face for more gentle broad vibrations or apply Pep’s pointed tip for a more targeted sensation. 

Q: How powerful is Pep?
A: Vibe strength is super personal and subjective. Most of our product testers who tested Pep noted that it was remarkably strong for its size!

Q: How loud is Pep?
A: The maximum noise level at the highest intensity setting is 50 dB. Overall, Pep is a pretty quiet vibe! We put it in the "people in the next room over won't hear it even through paper thin walls" category but if you share a room with someone else, you might want to throw on a little music or a ceiling fan to dampen the sound. 

Q: How many speeds/patterns does Pep have?
A: Pep features 8 settings all together (5 intensity settings and 3 patterns).

Q: How long does Pep last after fully charged?
A: Pep can run for up to 2 hours on a full charge, depending on use.

Q: What colors does it come in?
A: Pep features two different colors; Aqua/Teal and Melon/Violet.

Q: I have Bean; is Pep stronger/more powerful?
A: Pep provides a more targeted sensation than Bean. Pep is also USB rechargeable and more compact. Most product testers agreed that Pep is more rumbly than Bean. 

Q: Can you use Pep during missionary or during penetrative sex?
A:  Absolutely! Pep’s small profile makes it easy to hold against your body without getting in the way. You can use Pep with a partner, or in conjunction with a penetrative toy. Remember; as long as you’re being safe, there’s no wrong way to use a vibe!

Q: What makes Pep unique?
A:  The beauty of Pep is its versatility! It is very compact, quiet, and easy to clean, making it the perfect vibe for beginners or anyone looking for a travel companion. Not only does it come with 5 intensity levels and 3 patterns, but the variety of surfaces and edges to explore  make it a customization pro!

Q: Should I use lube with Pep?
A: This is really a personal preference! If you do use lube, we recommend Unbound Jelly or any type of water-based lube. 

Q: Is Pep waterproof?
A: Yes! It can be immersed in water up to 3 ft 3 in depth and up to 30 minutes at once. 

Q: How do you clean Pep?
A: We recommend rinsing your Pep with warm water and soap. Always make sure to clean it before and after use. You should never boil the product due to its electronic components. 

Q: What's the warranty on Pep?
A: All Unbound products come with a one-year warranty. If your Pep fails during the warranty period, Unbound will repair or replace it free of charge. Please reach out to our CX team at hello@unboundbabes with any troubleshooting inquiries. 

Q: What is Pep made out of?
A: Pep is covered by a medical-grade silicone.

Q: What is included in the box?
A: The Pep box includes the vibrator, charging cable, and booklet.

Any other questions?  Feel free to reach out to us at or by submitting a question through the review section on the product page. 

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