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How To Make It Through TSA With Your Sex Toys

illustration of a TSA security scanner with green glow

Traveling is stressful enough, and the last thing you need is TSA pulling your bag aside to investigate your unidentified objects. Not only is it deeply annoying, it’s also very personal, so we built out a guide to help you avoid an inconvenience in the security line at all costs. 

Avoid the fuss — check your bag

If you’re going to be checking your bag anyway, throw your toys in there! The rest of your clothes will cushion them, and you can add some additional security by storing them in our Storage Bags or in their original packaging, which is very sturdy. 

But if you plan on taking your toys through TSA, here are some steps you can take to ensure you — and your toys — make it through security smoooothly.  


Keep your liquids under the limit

As you already may know, you cannot pass through TSA with liquids in containers that are more than 3.4 ounces, or 100 milligrams. This includes skincare, toothpaste, shampoos, and yes, lube! Luckily, Jelly is only 3 oz and Jolt is 1 oz. Store it with the rest of your items in a clear bag so TSA can quickly identify them. 


Power down your toys 

A buzzing bag is a surefire way to grab some unwanted attention from TSA and get your trip off to a rocky start. If you’re bringing a motorized toy through security, be sure to remove its battery or power it down. Remember to pack it in such a way so that the power button won’t get hit by items like your toothbrush, shoes, or other things that could accidentally turn it back on.

Unbound toys require a long-press to power on/off, so the risk of accidentally turning on one of our toys is lower. If you don’t want to take any risks, you can even let the battery run out the night before — just make sure you bring an extra charger if you do this!


Be transparent

Literally. Pack your toys separately in a clear bag and place them at the top of your luggage so TSA can quickly identify your items if they need to take a closer look. Plus, this can serve as an extra hygienic precaution from other hands that aren’t yours. 


Pick your travel-friendliest vibe

If discretion is important to you, then we suggest picking one of the smaller, more subtle vibes in your lineup. Zip, Pep and Puff are our top picks for this. 


Flying international? Do your research 

While most countries allow toys to cross international borders, some countries will not allow you entry if you’re traveling with them. Do your research and double check local laws before packing. 

Our pleasure is deeply personal and a desire for privacy is natural, but remember: it is normal! While these products are stigmatized, you have nothing to be ashamed of — you have every right to travel with what makes you feel good. What’s a vacation if you can’t fully ~enjoy~ yourself, right?

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