Rekindled romance, an exotic retreat and a seductive red head...  

Change: Part 3

All good things must come to a hot and heavy end.  

Change: Part 2

The story continues...

Change: Part 1

A hot and sandy story that keeps on giving:  look out for Part Two and Three of the story this weekend!

On Buying a Vibrator

Some easy guidance for picking your new bestie.

A Condom in Every Unbound Box

A bit of backstory on why we always send a rubber

The Ties that Bind

A wicked hot story in honor of upcoming theme: Power.

Lessons from a Polyamorous Life

Learning to communicate our needs and desires is an important lesson regardless of how many people exist in a relationship.

Her Loyal Friend

A hard working girl gets off with a little help from a friend.  

Chatting with Minna

Creators of the Ola and Limon stop by for a little Q & A...

Oh yes, we fancy the Minna Ola

This beauty and brains vibrator is our summer squeeze...

Diary of a Sexter

Who has two thumbs and unlimited text messaging? This girl.  

Mutual Masturbation

A call to revisit this awesome yet underestimated act of pleasure

Picking Good Partners

A field guide to having the sex you want to be having with the people you'd like to have it with...

Cat Call Season

Summer is here; so are the unsolicited remarks... 

Bookish: The End of Sex

We review the definitive post coital read of the year...


A story of long term lusting...and payoff.  

"Watching Me Wanting You"

A tale filled to the very top with lust 

"No, I did not wet the bed!"

The girls are back and talking female ejaculation


A pleasureful play by play 

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