Ollie -   - Unbound
Ollie -   - Unbound


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Accio Orgasm! Ollie is an external wand vibrator with magnetic USB charging capabilities. Featuring 8 speeds and patterns, Ollie is 100% waterproof and covered in an ultra soft medical grade silicone.

  • 5+ Modes
  • Beginner
  • Clitoral
  • Massager
  • Rechargeable

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Customer Reviews

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Multiple Orgasms

Okay, I recommend for everyone. So I had only ever squirted 2 times in my life and they happened when my partner fingered me intensely past the point where I usually stop him. I used this after maybe 3 minutes I squirted and was completely out of breath and heart racing. Took a few minutes break. Within less than 2 minutes I squirted back to back and yelled super loud I had to cover my mouth with the pillow. Not exaggerating, I feel like a new person. These have been the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced. Haven’t felt this good since I started on my antidepressants. Literally feel so confident and empowered that I can get myself off!!! Thank you UnboundedBabes!

A whole new world

I have a robust, adventurous, and amazing sex life with my partner of many years. I thought I’d had every type of orgasm I was ever going to have. I was wrong. My Ollie came today and after some charging time I was ready to rock. I have never come so hard so quickly. I’ve had vibrators before (high-end, expensive ones) and they don’t even ~come~ close. Ollie gave me a completely new type of orgasm. I’ve been struggling to climax since starting antidepressants a while back, and was hoping this gift from me to me would help me get back on track. Mission f*cking accomplished. I love you, Ollie. Never leave me.


Okay, first off - love the color, super cute, super soft, great discreet packaging. Now, this thing is AMAZING. I LOVE that it's wireless, easy to use, vibrations are intense. Will definitely be using with my man.


I only JUST got my first (tiny and weak finger bullet from CVS lolol) vibrator this past year and I thought that was great - little did I know, Ollie was patiently waiting for me to upgrade. I treated myself to the Ollie this Christmas, as one of my most important goals for the new year was to really embrace my sexual/mental health!

I ripped the package open as soon as it arrived, and got playing. Holy SHIT. I've never had such a deep, full-body orgasm as I did with my first time with Ollie. Like..it rocked my entire world. And apartment, probably.

It's not too loud for a wand (from research I've done!) and I can't wait to take it in the shower with me, as it's waterproof :)
The battery life seems awesome so far! It's easy to clean, and easy to store away. It'll also be easy to travel with, as it's not as huge as I was thinking it would be!

I'm obsessed, maybe addicted. Ollie's the only one I need this year.

better than hitachi magic wand

A wand is the perfect vibrator for beginners or those who just want a classic top drawer, always there for you stand by. Ollie has great battery life and is even rublier than the hitachi magic wand and doesn’t have the annoying unsexy wall cord. I love the pretty color too!

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