start the year with a damn good deal: bean + jolt gel for only $20.21.

start the year with a damn good deal: bean + jolt gel for only $20.21.

Shimmy, Jelly, and Gem
Shimmy butt plug in hand
Gem glass dildo in hand
Full sized jelly lube tube

Booty Nights Set

$87.00 $109.00
or 4 Interest-Free Payments of $21.75

Shimmy is a medium-size vibrating butt plug that allows for hands-free anal stimulation. Featuring 5 speeds and 5 patterns, Shimmy is fully waterproof and USB rechargeable.


Gem is a sleek curved dual-ended glass dildo. Ideal for intense internal stimulation (anal too!) and external massage. Made from specially toughened borosilicate glass.


Jelly (full size 3.8 oz tube) is a slick and lovely water-based lube that is perfectly safe for use with most toys or condoms. Glycerin, glycol, and paraben-free, of course. Ingredients listed here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

I got this set because I wanted the Gem for myself and the Shimmy for my partner. This is actually my first dildo ever and i am OBSESSED. I love that it adjusts to temperatures, it feels amazingggg!!!!<3 and can i just say that the Gem is absolutely beautiful!!?!?! My partner loves their Shimmy and it’s been so nice to explore each other’s bodies in new ways, since we’re both new to sex toys :~)

Let's just say they're already well loved

Did my partner and I test everything out night 1? Yes.
Did we test everything again night 2? Also yes. We were just being thorough ;)

~the BEST set~

i love this set. it's honestly perfect for meeting all my pandemic solo time needs. gem is great for temperature play and quite the looker while shimmy certainly keeps things interesting! they're a dynamic duo if i've ever seen one. purchased months ago and everything has held up brilliantly.

Love it!

Lots of options in the set! Good quality and user friendly —would recommend!


Love it! The Jelly is by far the nicest lube I've ever used. The little glass guy is versatile and sooo good (especially paired with a Puff for solo fun time). I can't wait to use the Shimmy with a partner. It is a little tough for said solo time at the moment... I'm a little out of practice back there. Enjoy!!

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