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Anal-ysis 2023: What You Think About Butt Stuff

illustration of a butt's reflection in a mirror with sparkles

We asked our community: whats ur vibe, anally speaking? Nearly 500 folks of varying anal-expertise responded, and here's what they said: 


A bar graph that reads: Fingering/massage: 72.8%, Penetration: 68.2%, Rimming 29.1%, Other: 4.7%

A large majority of folks favorited internal/external massages (72.8%) and penetration (62.8%) as their preferred method of play. Those who submitted "Other" mentioned thoughtful kissing, sensation play, and/or equal preference for all anal play.

A pie chart that reads: Do you prefer... Both: 44.5%, Receiving: 38.5%, Giving 14.3%, Neither 2.8%

 When asked on whether they prefer to give or receive anal play, 44.5% said they like both giving and receiving. 38.5% said they prefer to receive, and 14.3% said they prefer to give. 2.8% said they prefer to neither give nor receive. 

A dot graph that reads: Once every few months, 23.4%; Once a month 22.1%; A couple times a year 19.4%; Not at all but I'm curious 15.5%; Once a week 12.8%; Not at all, and I'm not curious 4.9%, Multiple times a week 1.9%

When asked how often they are engaging in anal play, the majority said they are engaging in it once every few months (23.4%) to one a month (22.1%). Meanwhile, 15.5% said they're not engaging in it at all but are curious, and 1.9% are engaging in anal play multiple times a week. 


A bar graph that reads: Preferred toy or accessory, if any. Lube, 80.4%, Vibrators 68.3%, Plugs 64.5%, Dildos 43%, None 20.9%, Anal beads 13$, Other 10%.

We asked folks what their top 3, go-to accessories are for anal play. Lube (80.4%), Vibrators (68.3%), and Plugs (64.5%) won by a landslide. Folks who selected "Other" mentioned: suction toys, grinders, BDSM accessories, stimulating liquids and sensation play toys. 

A bar graph that reads: On a scale of 0-5, how would you rate your experience with all things anal? 0- I have no interest 5.1%, 1- I'm a newbie and I want to learn more: 18.3%, 2- Still figuring out what works for me, 29.8%, 3- I'm not an expert, but I'm not totally lost: 30.6%, 4- I know my way around and back: 14%, 5- I'm an expert 2.1%
On a scale of 0 (being the lowest or no interested) to 5 (extremely interested/I am an expert), most respondents fell in the 2-3 range. At 29.8%, respondents ranked themselves at a 2, meaning "still figuring out what works" and 30.6% ranked themselves at a 3 ,representing "I'm not an expert, but I'm not totally lost."


A bar graph that reads: when it comes to toys, what matters most to you? Material - 79.8%, Girth - 78.5%, Length - 57%, Vibration strength - 44.9%, Vibration patterns - 23.6%, Other - 16.2%
When it comes to anal toys, the top 3 most important factors are Material (79.8%), Girth (78.5%), and Length (57%). Folks who selected "Other" mentioned: shape, ease to clean, cost, texture, quality, or deferred to their partner's preference because they primarily give. 

For toys that will provide some satisfying girth and vibration strength, we recommend our silicone vibrating plug, Shimmy

If you want a toy that provides a decent amount of length and is also buttery soft, Pogo, our midsized silicone dildo, is a good place to start.

If you want to experience with texture and material, we recommend our glass didos, Gemini and Stellar.
A bar graph that reads: What is the most intimidating part of anal play? Hygiene - 87.2%, Potential pain - 69.1%, Actually figuring out how to do it - 52.3%, Talking to a partner about it 38.9%, The stigma - 30.4%, The toys - 8.5%, Other - 13.4%
The top 3 concerns for engaging in anal play was: Hygiene (87.2%), Potential pain (69.1%) and "Actually figuring out how to do it" (52.3%). Other concerns were comfort with a partner, tight pelvic floor, clean up and foreplay.  

In addition to all this data, we asked our community: "What's something you wish you knew before you participated in anal play for the first time?" Here are some key takeaways:

Don't skimp on lube

"You literally will always have to use lube"

Be patient with yourself and your partner 

"How slow you've gotta go. Patience is key."

"The power of communicating with your partner without embarrassment and judgement"

"Educate yourself and your partner, especially if your partner is anally inexperienced"

"That you can ALWAYS say no if you’re not ready."


Foreplay and warming up is key

"To enjoy taking time with giving, even if it is with fingers. It's about stretching at first, not fucking."

"Take it slow! Starting with things like small butt plugs you can wear for a longer fore play session that day might/will make you more excited about it, help you ease in, and relax."

"Girth matters; my first plug was way too thick for a beginner..."

"The prep. My first time was pretty painful because my partner and I didn't properly prep for it."

Shameless Nudge plug (ha!) here, our small silicone plug, for folks who need a little assistance warming up.

Shit happens! But maybe not as much as you would think 

"Shit happens even when you do clean beforehand"

"There's actually not that much poop"


Let yourself enjoy it 


"I’s not gross or dirty to enjoy it"

"It actually feels amazing when done right!"

"It take practice, just like any sex"



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