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16 People with Bottom Growth Detail Their Experience with Puff

Puff suction vibrator illustration

We get lots of questions about whether Puff, our compact suction toy, will work for folks who have experienced the clitoral growth that can occur while using testosterone- also known as bottom growth. The following information is based on survey responses from 16 participants with bottom growth who tested and detailed their experiences with Puff. While no two people will have the exact same experience, it is our hope that sharing this information will help folks with bottom growth who are curious about Puff.

Illustration showing Puff's dimensions

Pie chart showing percentage of users with bottom growth of more than 1 in. who found issue with Puff's opening size

"Puff does not fit over my clitoris, but I am able to use it against and around my clit and the sensation is very precise and intense. Normal vibration tends to make my genitals numb after a few sessions, whereas I think the suction vibe actually heightens sensitivity." - IAmGay (2" bottom growth)

"my first review of a similar suction vibrator was that i had trouble 'wrapping my clit around it' and i honestly meant that and i felt like there wasn’t a strong enough vibration to really SUCK! buT! The PUFF! really gets a good grip on things." - SoftStrawberries420 (1" bottom growth)

How was Puff used?

Donut chart showing different ways testers used Puff

"I really love how easy it is for me to hold, since I have very small hands and carpal tunnel." - Smolboy (1.5" bottom growth)

"I like that I don't have to hold Puff with my hands, because then I don't have to look down at my bottom half (which can sometimes be dysphoria-inducing)." - Transnbutch (1.5" bottom growth)

Preferred vibration intensity setting by user sensitivity level:

Puff has 5 vibration intensity settings. We asked testers to specify which setting worked best for them. Those experiencing sensitivity due to T preferred lower-intensity settings compared to those with little to no sensitivity. 

Bar graph showing preferred intensity setting by sensitivity of user

"Before using Puff, make sure you're plenty aroused, use plenty of lube on yourself and Puff and take it slow. Puff's feeling can be exciting and enjoyable but adjust to it slowly. With bottom growth, you're often times more sensitive down there and you will have an adjustment period with Puff. Once you find a balance for yourself, have as much fun and pleasure as you can!" - SuckerPunch22 (1" bottom growth)


Special thanks to those who participated and shared their experience with Puff. From time to time, we like to reach out to folks in the Unbound community to give us feedback on new and existing product. If you'd like to be considered, feel free to sign up here

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