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How to Level Up Your Plug Size

How to Level Up Your Plug Size

So, you want to level up your butt play. Whether curious or pro, let’s start by meeting the players on the field and talk about leveling up. Nudge is our all silicone plug, perfect for beginners or anyone seeking a smooth, super comfy experience. It’s also excellent for travel since it’s non-motorized and compact. Next up is Shimmy, our medium-size vibrating butt plug with 5 speeds and 5 patterns. It’s waterproof and USB rechargeable and has over 200 5-star reviews. Both have a smooth silicone finish and a flared base. And, of course, the GOAT of the Butt Stuff Universe is Jelly, our water based lube that is a must whether you’re using a plug or part- body part, that is. 

Moving from Nudge to Shimmy is a great way to ease in to more intense stimulation. For some people, that might mean using Nudge for a few weeks or months and then using Shimmy from there once you’re used to the sensation. Some opt to “warm up” with Nudge and then play with Shimmy the same night. Shimmy is a bit larger in girth than Nudge, so even if you skip the vibration modes; you still experience more of that desired fullness sensation. The ring handle is also user-friendly for those playing solo or with limited mobility or dexterity. 

Here are a few things to remember if you’re trying a vibrating plug like Shimmy for the first time. To spoil the ending, don’t start the vibrating function until Shimmy is fully inserted. It’s not that different from turning on an electric mixer before it’s in the batter. Since we’d all like to eat cake again someday, we’ll work on a better comparison. Back to butt stuff: 

  • Ideal conditions before use: an empty bowel and relaxed mind. 
  • Breathe and relax. 
  • LUBE, LUBE, LUBE: before insertion, massage a generous dollop of water-based lube, like Jelly, around your anus and apply another dollop onto Shimmy’s tip. 
  • Holding the flared base, tip Shimmy upwards towards your belly first, then insert it slowly along that angle. 
  • Insert to the point that feels comfortable for you or until you’ve made contact with the flared base.
  • Make sure to re-apply lube when you feel a little friction. 
  • Once Shimmy is in, you don’t need to pump it in and out or move it around (unless you want to shift its positioning).
  • When using the vibrator function, wait until Shimmy is inserted and comfortable to press the power button. 

While you explore butt play, you must remember that size is not the only game in town. Factors like vibration, temperature, or material can be great ways to level up. A glass toy like Stellar or Gemini brings an element of fullness due to their material strength, and their smooth texture adds to the experience. 

Ultimately, there is no such thing as a “beginner sex toy” and no correct order in which *you* need experiment. When designing a product like Nudge, we focus on a form that will provide the most comfortable, easy onboarding for new, nervous, or seeking a milder experience. Still, if you feel curious about vibration and ready to go, Shimmy might be for you. There is no rule that you must start with a specific type of toy, and everyone’s level of comfort and expectation when exploring is different. There’s also absolutely nothing wrong with sticking with the same size. If it works, it works. Just something to keep in mind as you explore the great backdoors!

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