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IYKYK: The Cult Following Behind the Nipple & Clit Clamp

IYKYK: The Cult Following Behind the Nipple & Clit Clamp

Five years ago, we released the Nipple & Clit Clamp and since then, it's developed a proper cult following. In that time, thousands of the Nip & Clit Clamp have sold and the 5 star reviews have piled in. And yet, we realized we don't actually talk about it that much??? SO, let's give this clampion of aesthetic pleasure its due shall we?


  • First and foremost, the Nipple and Clit Clamp is adjustable- allowing you to tighten or loosen the clamps as you prefer. We love a toy that can level up with you as you go and the ability to go tighter as you get more used to the clamps is such a benefit.


  • There's also the adjustable Clit chain. We designed the Nipple & Clit Camp to accommodate a wide range of body types so whether you don't need or want the clit clamp, you can easily just unclasp the chain (but be sure to save it in case you need the backup silicone end pieces!)


  • Finally, it's just really fucking pretty. Right now, more than ever, we NEED glam. We deserve it really.


"Loved how incredibly sexy it made me look and feel. And my husband loved it too! When I showed him, he told me to get upstairs and get naked. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun! I highly recommend!!"  -Jennifer B

"My partner suggested I try nipple clamps after noticing how much I enjoy having my nipples pinched and sucked during foreplay. I tried cheaper ones elsewhere and they were neither as pretty nor as well made as these. On others the sliding lock would be hard to maneuver and sometimes when adjusting they would move too hard and pinch — ouch! These adjust smoothly. For me, I detached the clit clamp (not my thing) and I love how the construction makes it optional. My only wish is that this had maybe a cute/dainty chain necklace attachment? I’d love to wear it under a low cut top and for it to look like a body chain. Of note: I have flat and somewhat inverted nipples and was still able to use these.  -Zoey R.

"These are some of the prettiest clamps i’ve seen, so delicate looking and the gold finish feels ethereal ! unlike clamps i’ve used in the past it has a slide up and down clamp function as opposed to twist pressure clamps which took some getting used to. this is my first try with a clit clamp so i can’t compare to other kinds. the feeling can be intense at first but is v pleasurable once you ease into it :). will definitely be wearing this out as jewelry!" -R.B.

"Love these!!! The best feature is that the clit clamp detaches so you don’t always have to use both together. My partner was literally STUNNED. They’re so cute and classy unlike many clamps that are tacky and cheap. They make you look and feel amazing and the adjustable pressure is perfect to ease into using them. Definitely buy if you’re looking for something unexpectedly sexy"

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