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How to make a Rabbit Vibe: A letter from our team

Image of hands touching Clutch Rabbit vibrator on a black hole and red gradient background

It is our team’s pleasure to introduce you to Clutch, Unbound's bold new take on the iconic Rabbit vibrator.  We believe that sharing the process of building a vibe works to demystify these products and humanize the world of sex toys, and hopefully, the people that make them too. While our team of 7 is small and mighty, we didn’t work alone on this. All great products are the result of the hard work and care of a network of engineers, manufacturers, shipment carriers, product testers, and finally — you. We’re so thrilled to share Clutch with you! Read on for a little glimpse into the making of Clutch!

It took us two years to develop Clutch and many more years of collecting data and feedback from our community. We always knew that we wanted to do a rabbit vibe but felt strongly that the only way to do it was to deliver on a truly unique experience in the form of an iconic vibrator profile. 

We loved the idea of introducing our community to a thrusting vibe but it was important to us to combine that feature with a constant external vibrations. Simple enough right? Well, most thrusting vibes on the market now offer the type of mechanical movement that you can see just from looking at them. The challenge is that once inserted, those vibes don’t really move inside you, they sort of…move out of you making constant stimulation difficult. By designing a thrusting mechanism housed in the internal arm, we were able to achieve those repetitive, waves of stimulation while also offering strong constant external vibrations. Read more about the internal mech here.

We also felt that the typical rabbit vibe, while effective, doesn’t offer a nice hand grip experience. The vibe usually just…ends and there really isn’t a handle to them. With our triangular ergonomical shape handle, we developed a form that the user can explore to find just the right position for them. It’s also easier for a partner to handle too. 

Here’s what our team said when we asked them to share their favorite thing about Clutch


Polly (she/her), CEO

I can say with certainty that more research and analysis went into the development of Clutch than any other vibrator we’ve created at Unbound. I personally had the pleasure of reading over 2,500 survey responses from our community and testing over 20 different designs before we landed on the final product. We poured our hearts into Clutch and hope you love it as much as we do!






SJ (she/her), CCO

 Naming our vibes is always a fun, collaborative, and slightly chaotic process. I've suggested the name Clutch for the last 3 vibes we've released but this particular profile felt so right. I'm so glad the team agreed. Clutch is such a powerful and possessive word. I love the intensity of it and feel like it really fits this vibe. 









Shazi (she/her), Director of Supply Chain

It takes a village to raise a Clutch, and it cannot be understated how much input and how many different voices went into the creation of this groovy vibe! Every Unbound release feels like a collaborative effort, but I’m really excited about Clutch because it feels like it answers a call we’ve been getting from our community for a minute, while still staying true to so many of our values: useful and eye-catching design, accessibility, and affordability, to name a few! I hope you come to care about your Clutch as much as we do!





Sam (they/them), Wholesale Manager 

When the vibe-that-became Clutch was in early stages, we sat around a table drawing sketches and discussing how we could create the best possible rabbit vibrator for you, our community. What do people want a rabbit vibe to do? What mechanisms can we use to achieve those functionalities? How will it feel to hold it? What will it look like? I’m so proud of the product we’ve created, and even prouder to work alongside people who center user experience so rigorously & unwaveringly when developing products. 






Jing (she/her), Product Manager

Our manufacturer is equally proud of Clutch as we are. They worked with us hand in hand tirelessly on every single design and detail refinement. The development process of Clutch truly brought us a sense of hope in the trust and honesty between partners. This is also what we want Clutch to bring you – to bond with yourself and your partners! 








Kate (she/her), Director of Design

When designing the packaging for Clutch, a common Unbound customer request was top of mind for me. Years ago we offered storage bags with all of our vibrators, but in an effort to cut down on waste, we eliminated a number of elements to our brand packaging, including the storage bags. In the years since making this decision we've had innumerable requests to bring the bags back, and Clutch was the perfect opportunity to do this. So now the bags are back and better than ever, bb. Soon you'll also be able to purchase additional storage bags under the accessories section of our site, so feel free to stock up to your heart's content.





Maddy (she/her), Content Manager

You may know me as The Face of Unbound on Instagram and TikTok, but did you know I'm also The Hands, too? 🤪 All jokes aside, finally holding Clutch for the very first time as our hand model during our e-commerce shoot was surreal — if you knew how long the design, manufacturing, and creative process was, you'd be in disbelief too. My favorite thing about Clutch is its ergonomic handle that lets you hold it comfortably in any position. Trust me when I say that you do not need to be a hand model to figure out how to hold this baby 😎



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