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Our Guide to Silicone & Glass Toys

photo collage of Nudge butt plug, Pogo dildo, Shimmy butt plug, and Stellar dildo

There are only three requirements for sex toys:

    1. Making your body feel good, 
    2. Being safe for your body, and 
    3. Making you feel good (again).  

At Unbound, our vibes, dil’s and plugs are made with body-safe and tested materials like silicone or 100% solid borosilicate glass — which sound good, but you may be asking yourself: what the hell does that mean? And which one is right for me? 

First thing’s first: let’s break down what exactly those terms mean. 

Body-safe silicone is nonporous and doesn’t contain any phthalates or latex — basically, what that means is that no fluids will be absorbed into the toy, and the toy has no harmful chemicals or allergens that your skin can absorb. 

Borosilicate glass is an extremely durable type of glass, which makes it ideal for toys. Our glass toys are completely solid (and nonporous!), which makes them all the more stronger, safer and the likelihood of them breaking during use extremely low.  However, it is still glass, and dropping them on hard surfaces can cause them to chip or crack. If your glass toy gets damaged, absolutely do not use it!  If you do need to dispose of your glass toy, you can do so by recycling it. 

Both are equally effective in getting the job done, but ultimately it all comes down to preference.

Silicone toys, especially insertables like dildos or plugs, have a “softer” feel to them, and are far more flexible than their glass counterparts. If you want something that will move with you but still have that sturdy feel, silicone is the one for you. Pogo, our silicone dildo, is our go-to for this.

Glass toys, on the other hand, are quite rigid and don’t offer the same flexibility as silicone. But what glass toys lack in flexibility, they make up for in versatility. Thanks to its conductive nature, glass toys are the perfect mate for temperature play. 

Safely heat up your toy by submerging it in not-too-hot water, or cool it down by throwing it in the fridge in a santized container. Plus, glass toys are just so damn pretty — take a look at Gem and Stellar and tell us they don’t belong in the MoMA.

Cleaning Your Glass and Silicone Toys 

A good scrub down with an antibacterial, unscented soap will get any toy clean. If you want to take it a step further, nonmotorized silicone toys can be boiled, and our glass toys can even be thrown in the dishwasher!

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