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Sex Toy Showdown: How our Best Selling Plugs & Dil’s Match Up

An illustration of two boxing gloves punching each other

We like to think of our products as one big, happy, family. But like eyebrows, our toys are more like siblings — not twins. Meaning, that while many of them share the same characteristics that make them apart of the Unbound Fam, each one is unique in their very own special way! And depending on your needs, one member of the fam may be a better fit for you than the other.

We broke down some of the differences between some of our more closely related products. 


illustration of Nudge butt plug vs Shimmy butt plug


Nudge is just that — a gentle little push toward pleasure. At 1.3-inches in diameter at its widest and has 4.25 inches of insertable length, Nudge is a little more tame than Shimmy and is great for beginners. If you’re a new or casual plug user, Nudge is the one for you! They don’t call it the people’s plug for nothing.

Shimmy on the other hand, has a bit more curve and a bit more heft to it. It’s also a vibrating plug there there’s that extra element of stimulation as well. Featuring 5 speeds and 5 patterns, Shimmy is fully waterproof and USB rechargeable. Shimmy is best for folks looking to level up their plug play. 

The deciding factor: Vibrations! Shimmy is a vibrating plug, so it can be the whole show. You technically *can* use a vibrator in addition to Shimmy but tbh, you may find that a bit overwhelming. Nudge is going to be the plug for you if you’re just starting out or if you’d like to use a plug and a vibrator separately. Choose wisely. 



Illlustration of Pogo silicone dildo versus Gem and Stellar glass dildo

Gem & Stellar glass pieces are just *so* pretty and effortless. If you’re new to glass, you’ll love the nightstand worthy look and smooth, full feeling that glass pieces provide without the need for a lot of size. 

Pogo: a midsize dildo with just the right amount of curve to it. Pogo is sort of like the goldilocks of dildos — it’s considered midsize so it works for adventurous beginners, but it’s also popular among more experienced users. The silicone is also super smooth, and, of course, it can be easily cleaned by boiling it for a few minutes.

The deciding factor: Speed! Glass pieces are perfect for taking your sweet little time. Put them in warm water, the fridge, or just douse it in lube and revel in something low and slow. If you’re looking for something a bit more…high energy, then pump away with Pogo. It’s great for use with harnesses and it’s perfect for anal or vaginal play (pending proper sanitizing!). 


Illustration of Jolt stimulating gel versus Jelly lube

Jolt: a stimulating gel that will increase sensitivity to targeted areas. It’s powerful but not overwhelming and is a great addition to lube — but definitely not meant to be used as a lube. Jolt is great with a vibe, but if you’re looking to go the nonmotorized route, Jolt is a great way to level up the experience. The feeling of Jolt is not a burning one, but moreso an interchangeable feeling of warmth and cooling. 

Jelly: the water-based wonder that boasts a devoted following. A super gentle, lasting lube that even folks with sensitive skin have success with. It’s a great all-purpose lube that can be used with toys or partner stimulation. If you’ve never been much a lube person — Jelly might just change your mind.

The deciding factor: Goals! Want a smoother, frictionless experience with internal or external toys? Then Jelly is going to be your liquid of preference here. Looking to level up the sesh? Jolt is liquid lightning in a bottle. The best part? They work great together and you can snag them both for a deal with the Slip n Slide Set.

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