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Treat Your G-Spot With Enhanced Lube

Overhead shot of multi-colored lubricant packets

What is the g-spot?

The g-spot is a region inside of the vagina that’s named after Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, the dude  who “introduced” it to “mainstream” medicine in the 1940s, and its existence has been contested and debated ever since. But recent studies (along with lots and lots of personal anecdotes) confirm that, yes, the area that we know as the g-spot does exist in many, but perhaps not all, women and AFAB folks.

Located on a region inside of the vagina, the g-spot is a spongy erectile tissue that surrounds the urethra. It typically runs 1 to 3 inches deep inside of the vagina (between its opening and the urethra), and faces the front of the body. It can be much easier to locate when you’re aroused, due to the fact that the right kind of stimulation causes that spongy tissue to swell.



What is Jolt Gel and what does it do?

 Jolt Gel (formerly known as O.M.G-Spot Gel) is a serum that stimulates the g-spot to increase size and sensitivity of the area. This makes it easier to find and more sensitive when you do hit it. Pro tip: it's also fun to use on the clitoris or nipples.

Is it safe and how long does the sensation last?

Absolutely safe. The formula uses organic extracts, including peppermint oil, natural damiana, L-Arginine and L-Ornithine. Generally, you can expect the sensation to last around 20ish minutes depending on use. We like to describe it as a warming sensation with a cool tingly after feel to it. It definitely doesn’t burn and does not numb your parts either.

Is it best to use with toys?

Toys like vibrators and dildos are a great way to get the angle for g-spot stimulation. This isn’t the only way to do it though. O.M.G.-Spot can also be applied to your hand if you prefer manual stimulation.

How do I find the g-spot anyway?

We suggest you get comfy to do this! Lie down and use pillows to either prop up your pelvis or to help you recline comfortably. Maybe turn on some light jazz, porn or just turn your phone to silent so you can concentrate–anything to help your body relax. 

Stick one or two lubed-up fingers into your vagina and make that good ol’ “come hither” motion towards your navel. You might find a region that’s especially sensitive when you apply pressure: there’s your G! It’s also fine to have a partner do it for you by repeating the same steps buuuuut we always think it's worth trying to locate it by yourself first. 

It can also help to use a slim, curved dildo in the investigation process. The g-spot is typically more responsive to heavier pressure and you might need something that’s a little more heavy duty than just the fingers.

How does squirting fit into all of this?  

It is certainly possible to squirt from g-spot stimulation, but not everyone is capable of it (and that’s OKAY!). According to board-certified OB/GYN Dr. Kyrin Dunston, MD, the g-spot “exhibits enlargement during sexual arousal, may produce pleasurable sensations with touch during sex play, can produce an orgasm distinct in quality from a typical clitoral orgasm, and may produce a female ejaculate during orgasm via associated skene's glands.

So, squirting occurs when there is a buildup of fluid in the skene’s glands with sexual stimulation. The skene’s glands are located around the g-spot, along with the area directly inside your vagina, towards the anus. So some people squirt from stimulation on the anal side!

It’s important to clarify that female ejaculate, i.e. squirt, is NOT just pee. Sometimes you can end up urinating a bit from g-spot stimulation and/or when you squirt, but the ejaculate fluid itself is not urine. It's an alkaline liquid that doesn't contain key compounds that you would find in urine. 

Let our customers do the talkin'...

G-spot hero (anonymous, 26):

so i am an occasional squirter. i wouldn’t say that my g needs to be more sensitive, but it definitely wants to know what i’m saying? i would give this gel a 4 out of 5. pros: it certainly delivered, made my pussy tingle all over, and potentially contributed to the squirt. con: maybe it’s cuz i’m accustomed to powerful internal sensations, but anyway i wish this gel would last for a little longer (i had to reapply after 15 minutes or so).

G-spot newbie (Gaby, 23):

I’ve never done any sort of purposeful gspot stimulation. Like, I *think* I’ve gotten close in the past but never a definite “WHOA” moment. My partner mentioned wanting to try different types of lube so I thought this one could be cool. I felt the tingle effect right away. It lasted a while but not too long (I was worried that I would still be feeling it hours later). It was stronger than expected but not overwhelming. Full disclosure- I think I used too much and got some on my clitoris while putting it on. I actually think it felt awesome so maybe I’ll keep making that “mistake” in the future.

Used it with a Gem (Victoria, 34):

This is a great product. It’s nice and silky, but interacts with my Gem glass dildo very well. The process is also much cleaner and efficient when you apply the gel to the Gem and then insert the Gem. It glides right in! Plus, you don't even need that much gel–a little bit goes a long way. Compared to non-stimulating lubes, I like this one best because it’s a two-for-one kind of deal.

Got it at an event (anonymous, 22):

I met some dope ladies from Unbound at an event in NYC and took a couple omg-spot samples to test out. I’m not too freaky and usually stick the most basic stuff as possible, but for this I just figured WHY NOT. I’m psyched that they convinced me to get it because some of the sensations I felt when I used the gel were completely new and unique to the feelings I usually associate with sex. It didn’t necessarily mark an “x” on my g-spot, but it made the internal part of my rabbit vibrator feel so much better.

Bought it for my wife (Dan, 47):

I bought several items for my wife for Valentine’s Day but no surprise, this is the one she was most excited about. I am the official sex toy and kink item purchaser in the household and always love finding new things that she’ll want to try. We started by putting a little on my hands and went from there. She really liked the feel of it and I was super turned on by watching her enjoy the sensation. We’ve kept using it over the past few months and will definitely keep using it.

Sensitive skin (Sloane):

Yesssssss it’s the only gel I’ve ever used that worked and didn’t burn or cause some weird reaction!!!

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