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The Most Popular Accessories by State

map of united states with each states favorite accessory displayed



What did we find out when we pulled the data on each state's favorite Unbound accessory? Let's go to the map!

Unsurprisingly, we found that the Nipple and Clit Clamp is by far our most beloved accessory. It's been an Unbound staple for years. It's also adjustable and can be worn with or without the clit chain and clamp portion, so babes across the nation dig the versatility. It's also just pretty, to be honest. 

Orion, our versatile over-the-door handcuff set, is loved by landlocked states in the middle of the country.

Midwest babes love Stellar glass dildo, and who can blame them? Made from dreamy borosilicate glass and dishwasher safe, it's convenient and unexpectedly gorgeous? Yea, super midwest vibes. 

Cuffies, our stretchy silicone handcuffs, are a hit among northern states, while Pogo has a stronghold on the south. Both are made with super-smooth silicone. 

Alaska, Colorado, and Vermont all ride hard for Bandit, while Idaho does nothing to shed its wholesome reputation by leading the nation in its love for the Truth or Dare Cards

Oh, and while not pictured (but forever in our hearts), Guam and Puerto Rico join Florida in their mutual love for Pogo


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