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The Unbound Guide to Cleaning Your Toys

illlustration of toys in a bathtub

Toy hygiene is important not only for its longevity, but also for your own health — especially if you have a vulva. The vagina’s balance can be easily thrown off and result in several common but bothersome infections. To ensure you’re keeping your toys and your bits safe, follow our quick guide to toy cleaning.  

Silicone toys

Unbound non-motorized, silicone toys, like Pogo and Nudge, can be boiled for up to ten minutes on the stove. Just be sure to let these toys dry and cool down before you use them again! If boiling isn't your speed, you can hand wash with warm water and an unscented, antibacterial soap. 

Motorized toys 

While made out of the same, high quality and body-safe silicone, our motorized toys cannot be boiled, due to the tiny little motors inside that give you that good buzzzzzz. Stick to warm water and unscented, antibacterial soap to keep these toys clean (and functional!). For Puff, our suction toy, we recommend turning on it on for a few seconds under water to ensure you’re thoroughly cleaning the opening. 

Glass toys

Our glass toys, Gemini and Stellar, are made out of body-safe, solid borosilicate glass, and can be boiled or even placed in the dishwasher. Be sure to let the the toys come to room temperature on their own — do not immerse them in cold water after boiling/running them through the dishwasher, as this could potentially damage the glass. Otherwise, you can simply clean Gemini or Stellar by hand in with soapy warm water. 

Unbound toys are made with high quality, body-safe materials, so they can be cleaned with warm water and any drugstore, unscented, antibacterial soap. It’s all about preference: use that special toy cleaner that you really love, or whatever is most accessible to you! For other non-Unbound toys, check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning.  

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