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The Unbound Guide to Nipples

illustration of different types of nipples

Our nips are finally thawing after a long long winter, and it's time to show 'em love. Let's get familiar, shall we?


The parts 

The center, protruding tip is the nipple. The flat area around it is the areola. The intersection of the areola and the rising edge of the nipple is a fold called the sulcus. Those small bumps you might have? Those are called Montgomery glands, also sometime called areolar glands, which produce lubrication while breastfeeding.


The types

First thing’s first: there is no “normal” nipple. Thanks to unrealistic, and usually very sexist porn (and general media at large) there is somehow a beauty standard for nipples. But there’s a big wide world of big wide nipples (and small and skinny ones too!). Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the many types.

Protruding: nipples extend beyond the areola
Flat: The areola and nipple lay evenly
Bumpy: Montgomery glands are raised and present 
Puffy: Areola is raised and somewhat conical 
Inverted: Tucking inward instead of protruding outward
Hairy: It’s normal! Pluck it or flaunt it
Unilateral invert: One protruding nipple and one inverted

Bonus! Supernumerary Nipples 
27.2 million Americans are believed to have an extra nipple somewhere on their body.

Tattooed Nipples
Did you know nipples can be a part of gender-affirming care? When someone has their breasts removed, oftentimes, their nipples are removed in the process. To remedy this, folks get realistic tattoos of nipples to help them feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies. From trans folks who get top surgery to cis women who receive mastectomies, nipple tattoos can be gender affirming for people of all genders.


Nipples Throughout History 

Like most things concerning women's bodies, people have had fraught histories and complicated relationships all throughout history. Take a peek at our brief timeline below at the ~titilating~ story of tits and how they've been censored (and celebrated!) over time.



How to play

Many people find their nipples to be an additional erogenous zone, or area of the body that can cause arousal when stimulated and can help them reach orgasm. There are multiple ways to stimulate this part of the body that you can experiment with or without a partner. Remember, there’s no wrong way to experience pleasure, and if one technique doesn’t work for you, then definitely try another (or two!). 

Here’s a (nonexhaustive) list of ways you can stimulate you or your partner’s nipples: 

  • Pinching: practice with the pressure and placement.  
  • With your mouth: try sucking, licking or flicking with your tongue
  • Temperature play: use an ice cube and experiment rubbing it around your areola and nipple
  • With toys or accessories: there are many products designed for nipple play, but you can also use things you may have at home! See below for our suggestions on how to use some of our toys during nipple play. 


How to play with Nipple + Clit Clamp

We specially designed our Nipple + Clip Clamp to give to gently stimulate those sensitive bits. The clamps are adjustable come with a silicone cap which ensure your comfort and control over the pressure. The Nipple Chain and the Clitoral Chain are detachable, so you can choose to wear them together, or each separately. 


How to play with Puff

Puff, our fan-favorite suction toy, can also be used for nipple play. Puff’s suction power can provide an equally pleasing sensation to the nipples, and the varying intensities and patterns means you have a whole range of sensation to explore. 


How to play with Jolt Gel

Jolt Gel is our water based, stimulating gel that gives a little extra “oomph” wherever you apply it. Made with organic extracts, peppermint oil, natural damiana, L-Arginine, and L-Ornithine, this gel increases bloodflow and gives you a warm, tingly sensation in the applied area. Rub a modest amount on your nipples for increased sensitivity. Enjoy!

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