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This is What Clitoral Jolt Gel Feels Like

Three foil packets of lubricant named Clitoral Jolt Gel

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could push a button and voila! your clit would just turn on? It's safe to say that the closest we can come to that scenario involves a little thing called arousal gel. Jolt Gel is our take on the arousal gel and in this piece, six women detail their experiences with it. 

What is arousal gel?

Arousal gels (or stimulating lubes) are lubricants containing properties that stimulate blood flow to the areas on which they're applied. This is essentially what happens inside your body when you're turned on–blood flow will increase in your body's "erogenous zones," like your clit or nipples.

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We get that the idea of a stimulating lube sounds a little freaky, ingredients-wise. But Jolt Gel is made with organic extracts, including peppermint oil, natural damiana, L-Arginine and L-Ornithine.

What does it feel like?

It increases blood flow to the applied areas, creating warm, tingly sensations that last for around 20 minutes.

Quote about New England Research institute study on enhanced lubricant

So, how do you use it?

Place a small dollop of Jolt Gel onto your finger and then apply it to your clitoris, nipples, or another desired area, rubbing it in in gentle circles. Give it a few minutes to start doing its magic! It's water-based, so it's safe to use with most toys. 


Now for the stories (reviewers asked to remain anonym-ish)...

Anna, mom of 2

I’m a subscriber so I received Jolt in the Babe Box. My partner and I have subscribed for a few quarters. My first impression was- hmmm? I consider myself pretty well versed in sex toys/kink gear and I haven’t tried any sort of arousal gel/lube. I’m 5 months post baby and basically, I don’t want to even think about partnered sex right now. That said, masturbation is still on the table for me. I grabbed the foil and put on maybe too much? I was going back and forth between whether it felt warm or cool. It was just a nice tingly feeling- nothing too strong but certainly not tame. I’m not going to say I had 30 massive orgasms in one sitting as a result but it did heighten my sensitivity. My partner is super curious to use it with me so we’ll definitely be coming back for more.

GIF of bride looking enamored

Nita, 40

I tried this after I got it in a bachelorette gift bag. I’m pretty conscious about what I put in and on my body so I wasn’t sure I’d try it. I read the back and was surprised that it uses peppermint oil and not some gross chemical stuff. I really liked the feel of it- strong but not to the point that I wanted to rush to the bathroom to rinse it off. Like a rush maybe? My husband liked putting it on me too!

Jamie, 23

My best friend got me the Oh! To Go as a gift, which came with a little sample of Clitoral Jolt Gel. When I masturbate and when I hook up with someone, I use lube like a champ. And I’m lucky enough to have little to no issues when it comes to being horny...So I figured I’d change things up a bit and try this “stimulating lube” with my sometimes-sexual partner. It was WAY different than I expected. Rather than numb everything down there, it started to work in a slow, steady wave of warmth that never became too hot or tingly. SUPER nice because I’m big on warming my toys and the occasional warming lube.

GIF of Zoe Deschanel freaking out and man staying calm

Plus, my partner (who has a penis), claimed that it made him last longer than usual...I was too busy enjoying myself to notice, but hey, why not? Anyway, the Jolt Gel was def a pleasant twist to our typical routine. I wouldn’t replace lube with it, but I plan on keeping a few packets in my bedside drawer just in case.

Yvonne, “just say under 60”

That damn menopause has made my body act stranger than ever, and one of the main issues I face is vaginal dryness. I finally went to see a sex therapist, who told me about all the options to combat vaginal dryness–options that spanned far beyond simple drugstore lubricant. That’s how I was introduced to Unbound’s Clitoral Jolt Gel, and let me tell you: I’m never going back. I feel like this is the first sex-related product that somebody designed with an older woman like me in mind. 

GIF of Ilana Glazer saying "Look! I'm fully engorged!"

This gel did not only lubricate my “lady parts,” it made everything so deliciously sensitive and full (a feeling I didn’t even know I was missing). My wife and I have been hooked ever since and we recommend it to any woman experiencing vaginal dryness after menopause. 

James, 31

“Sooooo, haha, my best friend and I were in her car and I was rooting around her purse looking for a lighter.  I saw the packet and asked what it was. She had just received it and hadn’t tried it yet but told me I could take one.  I was like, “is this going to burn my clit off?” and she was like “let’s just try it!.” So, yea, we opened one up and both put it on right there in the car. We were cracking up, looking at this car full of dudes next to us. It felt more sensitive and had this like, Icy Hot feel to it- like your clit was starting to warm up and someone (a very helpful person) was blowing on it to keep it cool at the same time. Big fan. I need to snag another one from her for my own personal know, for research.

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Zoe, 25

I ordered this as part of my “I WILL LEARN TO MAKE MYSELF CUM” resolution for this year. My first boyfriend was super great in bed and it never really dawned on me that I should learn to pleasure myself since he was so focused on it. After I’ve had a few more partners (varying in ability), I realized I need to know my body more. I bought Squish, Jelly, and like, 5 other things on the site in a burst of optimism and determination. I liked the idea of something like Jolt since I never paid attention to my clit before and I didn’t know if I’d be able to like-- do it right? Anyways, I was laying in my bed with all the gear, music playing, roommates out of town and I just said to myself, “I’m not leaving the room until I do this.” I used a tiiiiiiiny bit of the gel, felt a nice sensation, applied a little more and really just went to town. Orgasm number one is in the books and I felt really accomplished. Definitely will be using this again.

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