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Unbound Response in Support of "Dildon’t Disrespect Black Femmes"

Unbound Response in Support of

On July 31st, a piece was published on Medium that detailed the interactions of several members of the sex-positive community with another company in the sex tech space, Wildflower. We were made aware of the piece prior to publishing and contributed a statement after reading the experiences of the contributors to the piece, most of which we've worked with in some capacity. We want to reiterate our support for Ev'YanAshleighKarmenifeLa’ShaunaeVenus Cuffs, and Cameron while also encouraging our community to read their individual stories on Medium. Our statement is below:

It is disheartening to read the accounts given in the Medium piece. No individual should ever feel as if their livelihood is caught between two companies. Each person that we have partnered with, who also contributed to the Medium piece, is someone we deeply admire and respect. We value being a part of a community that holds us accountable because the work that needs to be done to reclaim our bodies in the sex tech world must be intersectional.

To all of our influencer partners, past, present, and future, let us be clear: when we are called in, we view that as an opportunity to listen, to be better, and to affirm our belief that we have a responsibility to amplify the voices of those who are constantly doing the work, especially black women and femmes.

We understand that there are questions that have been raised about Unbound. Unbound has never served any legal documents to another company within the sex tech industry. The various efforts we made in the past to connect with Wildflower about their claims have been unsuccessful. In 2017, we closed a $2.7 million seed round of which $150,000 was invested from the fund that is being referenced, which has also invested in widely used products and companies including Facebook, Instagram, Postmates, Lyft, and Spotify. We neither have a relationship with any of the limited partners in the fund nor have they influenced any of Unbound’s decisions or actions.

To Ev’Yan, Ashleigh, Karmenife, La’Shaunae, Venus Cuffs, Cameron, and anyone else who didn’t feel safe coming forward: thank you for the work that you do for the community. We stand with you and, if you are open to it, hope to collaborate again in the future.

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